Virtually paint your home for free

The cold weather is approaching, which means it’s a good time to get those home improvement projects done. How about brightening your mood with updated paint colors? Online software is making it easier to figure out how the colors will look specifically on your walls and with your decorations.

You can also save money with these online tools because you have a better sense of how a color looks on your walls before you paint it. Picking out paint can be a big headache. I remember I wanted to paint a room in my condo blue. I did not want baby blue. I wanted that nice New England blue reminiscent of the water and ocean. It’s not dark blue, but not light blue. I’ve seen it in homes, but I couldn’t find it. Of course, every blue I put on the wall looked like a baby’s room. I finally ditched the idea of painting the room blue.

Colorjive is a free tool that allows you to upload a photo and see how the room will look with different paint colors. It costs $12 a month for unlimited access. The site has changed the fees. It used to be $15 a year for up to 10 photos. There is a 30 day free trial, and the site claims there is no long term commitment.

Just remember to cancel before 30 days expires if you really want just the free trial. It appears to be pretty straightforward. The terms are not pages and pages long. Very short and sweet.

When you find a color you like, you can get the code and take that into the store to get it filled. The program allows you to choose between Sherwin Williams, Glidden and Benjamin Moore.

To save money, shop around for the best prices. You can get any company’s paint color mixed at most stores even if they don’t sell that paint.  Just take the chip or code and the store can usually make that color.

If you’d prefer to visit the individual stores like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore you can do that too. Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer tool is very in-depth. Benjamin Moore offers the Personal Color Viewer. With Benjamin Moore, the walls change colors for you when you select a shade. That’s a nice tool because you can browse through colors faster. In the other programs, you have to highlight the area you want to virtually paint.

Behr allows you to view colors online without uploading your own picture, and recommends you set your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels to get the clearest and truest picture of your color. Also, set the color quality to 32-bit.

Play around with it. I think you’ll find it helpful, and a money saver so you’re not buying paint you don’t like.

You can also buy a small canister of paint, but they’re pricey. I typically saw them for $4-5. That’s pricey for the small amount of paint you get. A pint is not much more. Those small canisters are not widespread, and usually are limited to specific paint colors. So, you may not find the paint color you like.

2 responses to “Virtually paint your home for free

  1. Thanks for the post Jenn. It isn’t for me but the wife did liked it. (Guess what ill be doing this weekend?) Jenn do me a favour and stop posting about man jobs around the house. lol.

    • Thanks for the comment. Hope your painting went well with these tools that make it easier to pick a color. The worst part about painting is taping. I have no patience for that. I’ll try to post about a woman’s job next…lol