Erase your digital footprint – maintain your privacy online

As shopping online becomes more popular, it’s essential to take extra steps to protect your privacy online. Most companies track your movement on the web from your browsing history to your personal information you input. That’s why you need to erase your digital footprint and maintain some privacy online.

Security experts say the technology that makes our browsing experience exciting, also makes it risky. Websites form a profile of you based on the sites you visit. They track this information with “cookies.” The problem is, these cookies leave behind crumbs and it’s these crumbs that can cause damage if they end up in the wrong hands.

For a NewsChannel 5 story, I had security company, SecureState, analyze an average computer user’s system. Based on her browsing history, they found enough information to steal the woman’s identity. Click the video player below to see what we found.

Click below for simple things you can do to start browsing privately.  It’ll take just a few seconds to start erasing your digital footprint.

Click here for instructions to browse privately with Internet Explorer

Click here for instructions to browse privately with Firefox

Click here for instructions to browse privately with Safari

Click here for instructions to browse privately with Google Chrome

–Instructions courtesy of SecureState

Click here for more tips to protect yourself

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