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Hot playgrounds pose risks for children

A spiral slide. Snapshot by User:aarchiba.

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After you seek some relief from this heat at the pool, don’t run over to the playground. It may look like a lot of fun, but there are reports of children getting burned across the country.

The metal slides are especially dangerous as temperatures on the slide reach 120-degrees plus. Metal objects like rings, or even rubber mats can be a problem. Emergency doctors say burns on a child can happen when the temperature of the object is just 110-120 degrees.

On a hot day, dress your child in more clothes rather than fewer clothes if you are headed to the playground. This will protect the thin skin of children. It’s more sensitive and not as tough as adult skin and can’t withstand the heat on a playground during hot summer days. It only takes a few seconds for the child to be burned when their skin is exposed to hot objects.