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Earn money while shopping on Cyber Monday

The focus is turning from retail stores to the Internet for Cyber Monday, and there are lots of ways to save on your online purchase.

1. Look for discount codes
Retailmenot shows promotional codes that will save you money your purchase and shipping. If there is a discount code, Retailmenot typically has it listed. You can also search the store you are shopping and “promotional code” in Google to find a discount.

2. Shop with Ebates
Ebates is one of my favorite sites. I earn money for shopping. Every quarter, I get a check in the mail. To qualify, sign up for an account. Then, when you’re ready to shop type in the name of the store. You’ll see if it participates in the program and the percentage you will earn back. Not every store participates in the money back program, but many do. When you find one, click on the link from Ebates and start shopping.

3. Get free shipping
Retailmenot will also let you know if free shipping is available. Also, Google your store and “free shipping” to find a discount code. Many stores require you spend $50 or $100 to earn free shipping.

If you are shopping Amazon, consider a monthly membership to Prime if you think you’ll do more shopping in the future. The membership was once only sold for a year, but recently the e-retailer began offering month long memberships. It might be worth it to join for a month or two at $7.99, and then cancel your membership after the holidays. You get two day free shipping in qualifying purchases.

4. Look for discounts on social media
If you’re looking to buy a certain product from a certain company, consider “liking” their Facebook page or following the business on Twitter. Exclusive deals are given to friends and followers on social media. Read more on publicizing your purchase to save money

Also, look in your Facebook news feed for deals. While some deals are only for followers, others are publicized through social media. Perhaps you’ve seen these coupons in your news feed when a friend of yours claims the offer. Toys “R” Us has an offer right now for 20% off a regular priced item.

Once you claim the offer, it shows up in your news feed so your other friends see it. It’s a way for businesses to promote their sales and deals and it’s a way for you to find out about sales.

Third, consider linking your credit card to your Facebook or Twitter page. American Express allows you to Tweet and Facebook your way to savings. These offers are limited, but offer more significant discounts like $10+ off your purchase.

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Sorting through all the Black Friday ads

GottaDeal Black Friday savings chart

All the ads have leaked over the last few weeks, and this year some retailers are posting their own ads online so you’ll go their site rather than the sites that leak them. Keeping all the discounts straight can get confusing. If you’re on the hunt for something specific, check out the savings chart on GottaDeal.The deal saving site breaks down the discounts into categories. For example, if you’re interested in a new TV, you select TV from the dropdown box. Then, you’ll see a listing of all the brands and deals. Continue reading

Saving on holiday shopping depends on the “day” you shop

Black Friday shoppers rush into Best Buy 2010

The holiday shopping season has arrived, and retailers will have all sorts of gimmicks to get you to save. Here’s a look at some of the important dates this holiday that will help procrastinators and early birds save money.

November 23 – Black Friday
If you have no interest in the crowds, there are many other days to save.

November 24 – Small business Saturday
Support your local business and save.

November 26 – Cyber Monday
During the entire holiday season last year, online sales were up 17%. This year, the numbers are expected to jump 20% over last year. On the Monday after Black Friday, shoppers spend their work day shopping for deals online.

December 10 – Green Monday
Ebay came up with this term in 2007 to describe their best sales day in December. It’s the second Monday of the month, and now billions are spent on this online shopping holiday.

December 14 – Post office deadline
Deadline for parcel post mail deliveries to arrive on time for the holidays.

December 15 – Busy shopping day
ShopperTrak calls this the third busiest shopping day of the season aside from Black Friday and Super Saturday which is the last Saturday before the Christmas holiday.

December 17 – Free Shipping Day
Thousands of retailers join together and offer free shipping to shoppers. Some have restrictions on your order total to qualify for the promotion, but may don’t.

December 20 – First class  mail deadline

December 22 – Super Saturday
Lots of procrastinators will fill the malls and take advantage of last minute deals.

December 23 – e-Gift card Day
Once again procrastinators are in luck. This day allows you to get a last minute gift card online and you can send it electronically to your loved one.

Free Shipping Day is Friday

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, why not wait a little longer and save on shipping. Friday, December 16th, is Free Shipping Day. More than 2,000 merchants will offer free shipping and guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve.

During the holidays, whether you buy on the designated Free Shipping Day, or when it’s convenient for you — shipping is something you should try to avoid. If one store won’t offer it to you, go to one that will. I’ve bought some gifts valued at $30 and $75 this holiday, and haven’t paid for shipping yet.

I always google the company I’m using to make a purchase and the words “free shipping” and “promotional code” to find more ways to save money. There are often promotional codes that will take 10-20% off your order floating around on the Internet. There are entire websites, like Free Shipping, that give you the inside scoop on the promotional codes you need to enter at checkout for free shipping.

You can also earn money to do your holiday shopping online. Simply, sign up for an account through Ebates. When it’s time to shop, find the store through Ebates and if they participate in the cash back program you’ll earn 5-20% cash back on your order. I’m an infrequent shopper and this year I got a check for more than $50 since I earned a percentage back everytime I shopped.

Click here to see if your favorite retailer is participating in free shipping day

Cyber Monday shopping options – Facebook or earn cash back

If you skipped the Black Midnight mania, today might be your day because it’s Cyber Monday. Shoppers will have more places to shop online including Facebook.

Retailers like Express are offering their online store on their Facebook fan page. You can share the item, which of course the store wants you to do, or simply buy it.

I think this is going to take off. Facebook news feeds used to be filled with gamers playing Farmville. Now, you can see the news stories your friends read on Yahoo. As shopping on Facebook takes off, you’ll be able to see the new accessories your friends are buying. For someone who hates to shop, maybe I’ll let someone else do the hard work for me.

Retailers are also trying to get you to shop online at the mall. According to Daily Finance, Walmart launched pop-up stores in some California malls. It’s hardly the only retailer doing this. Daily Finance says Sears, Kmart, and eBay are offering shoppers similar experiences. There are even ads in subways and airports that have QR or quick response codes on them that allow you to get more information about the toys or products you saw in the ad you just passed.

Technology is driving a lot of these changes. I wonder if malls will even be around in 10 years. While these are unique experiences that are hardly mainstream, there are mainstream ways to cash in that few people know about.

Earn cash back to shop online
I do most of my holiday shopping online, and make money doing it courtesy of Ebates. If I want to buy something at Macy’s or Amazon, I go to Ebates and log in. I enter the store I’m looking for like Macy’s and click on the provided link to earn a set percentage back on my order. During the holidays, there are often promotions that will earn you more than the traditional 3-6% cash back.

It takes seconds to link through Ebates, and in this case I think the time is really worth the money. Last year, I earned more than $50 cash back. That’s $50 I didn’t have before.

To earn the money, obviously my order is tracked. However, what isn’t tracked online these days? Soon we’ll be sharing our finds on Facebook as that becomes a mainstream way to shop.

Ho ho ho instead of trick or treat? Stores want you to start your holiday shopping

Black Friday shoppers rush into Best Buy 2010

The holiday shopping season doesn’t officially kick off for two more months, but it’s already starting for retailers. Christmas items are appearing in stores, and we’re learning the different strategies to get customers in the door.

Toys”R”Us says it will offer exclusive merchandise like Moshi Monsters and The Trash Pack. The toy store will introduce its first-ever catalog featuring merchandise only sold at Toys”R”Us. It will be 44 pages long with 350 items in it.

Target launched Cyber Monday sales in September.

While it’s typical for stores to put the Christmas decorations up before the ghosts and goblins are stored away or even bought, Northeast Ohio sees decorations before other parts of the country.

For a NewsChannel 5 story, Strongsville Home Depot employee Tim Baker said, “All marketing research and any of the statistics from sales, etc. are going to show you where the populations are that buy. We’re in a very good market. We respond to it.”

I expect the real Black Friday ads will start leaking by the end of October. Whether you like it or not, the holidays are around the corner and stores are willing to do anything to get you to buy.

Make sure you look beyond the marketing hype, and make sure you’re truly getting a good deal. Compare prices on sites like PriceGrabber to see if a deal is as good as it sounds.

Cyber Monday savings

There is no need to run into the store today for the best savings. The focus will be online, a place I prefer to shop. It’s hassle free and easy to find deals.

This year free shipping is king online. Even if the retailer you are buying from doesn’t offer free shipping, search for a promotional code to reduce shipping costs.  If that’s a deal breaker, consider waiting until Decembr 17th (Free Shipping Day) when more than a thousand retailers will offer free shipping.

When you shop online, don’t go directly to the website of your retailer. Instead go to ebates or fatwallet and link to your favorite site. By doing that you can earn cash back. It’s usually a percentage of your total. On days like Cyber Monday, you can save even more as many retailers add extra savings. The other day I earned 6% cash back by linking through one of these sites.  You won’t get the cash right away, but it’s nice to earn money for spending money.

I don’t know about you but I hate when I see a box for a promotional code at checkout, and I don’t have one.  It’s a lot easier to find a deal that fits your purchase during the holidays, so always look. Search the store you’re shopping and the term “promotional code” for savings. Sometimes you have to buy a certain item, other times you have to spend a certain amount of money to qualify for the discount.

Happy shopping!

Black friday deal alerts

Black Friday is still weeks away, but the buzz is already beginning about this year’s deals. The mania is expected to transfer online this year, as people surf for a steal online instead of dealing with in-store craziness at 4 A.M.

You can stay up to date on your favorite retailer’s Black Friday deals with alerts from Black Friday websites. Black Friday Online claims to have some of the ads already.

To join the craziness — click here for a Black Friday Info site and Black Friday Online.

These sites will aggregate the deals. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re really getting a bargain. Search Google, or use Shopzilla or another price comparison site.

Also, make sure it really is a deal with the shipping and handling fees. Sometimes, especially on bigger and heavier items this may add $10-15 to the price of an item and may not make it such a deal.

Make sure you check the retailer’s return policy. Can you return the item in-store if there is a problem or will you have to pay shipping fees again?

Don’t forget about the free shipping day. It’s long after Black Friday, and really just for last minute gift buying. Many retailers participate in this day on Friday, December 17th. Click here to see a list of participating retailers.