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Free shipping for the holiday

Courtesy: FedEx

Courtesy: FedEx

If your shopping isn’t complete, the shipping deadline for holiday items is approaching. As a last push to get you to shop, an estimated 2000 retailers will participate in Free Shipping Day on Monday, December 17.

The Free Shipping team put together a handy list of shipping deadlines by retailer. Some say standard shipping orders placed by December 20th will arrive in time for the holiday. The  majority list earlier dates including December 16th and 17th.

It’s amazing the differences in shipping when you order from different companies. Continue reading

Free Shipping Day is Friday

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, why not wait a little longer and save on shipping. Friday, December 16th, is Free Shipping Day. More than 2,000 merchants will offer free shipping and guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve.

During the holidays, whether you buy on the designated Free Shipping Day, or when it’s convenient for you — shipping is something you should try to avoid. If one store won’t offer it to you, go to one that will. I’ve bought some gifts valued at $30 and $75 this holiday, and haven’t paid for shipping yet.

I always google the company I’m using to make a purchase and the words “free shipping” and “promotional code” to find more ways to save money. There are often promotional codes that will take 10-20% off your order floating around on the Internet. There are entire websites, like Free Shipping, that give you the inside scoop on the promotional codes you need to enter at checkout for free shipping.

You can also earn money to do your holiday shopping online. Simply, sign up for an account through Ebates. When it’s time to shop, find the store through Ebates and if they participate in the cash back program you’ll earn 5-20% cash back on your order. I’m an infrequent shopper and this year I got a check for more than $50 since I earned a percentage back everytime I shopped.

Click here to see if your favorite retailer is participating in free shipping day

Free shipping day, but you may still pay to ship

It’s the long-awaited free day of shipping. The problem is, hundreds of retailers attached strings to orders to qualify you for free shipping.  More than 1000 retailers gave consumers free shipping on all orders including American Eagle, L.L. Bean, and Nine West. However, hundreds of others like Brookstone, Macy’s, and Sears require a minimum purchase for customers to get free shipping. Some of those minimums are $99.

The website, Free Shipping Day, breaks down all the retailers and their free shipping policy.

If you’re shopping online today, find the store you need and figure out their free shipping policy. Then, go to Ebates or Fat Wallet and link to the business from there so you can earn cash back for your purchase.

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Free shipping day one week away but no need to wait

 The official Free Shipping day is one week away, but there’s no need to procrastinate. You can do your holiday shopping online today and still get free shipping from many retailers.

On Friday, December 17th, more than 1000 online retailers will offer free shipping for delivery by Christmas Eve. You can check out the retailers on the Free Shipping Day website.  The site claims more than 60% of participating retailers will offer free shipping on all orders.  To me, that means no minimum orders to qualify for free shipping. If you spend $5, you get free shipping.

If you don’t want to wait until the last minute, shop now. Many retailers are already offering free shipping deals. Most of these offers have minimum purchase orders or only certain items qualify. Most of the minimum purchases are between $30-50 which is easy to do with holiday gifts.  Click here to search for free shipping codes for your retailer.

Don’t forget my recurring tip for this year — use websites like FatWallet and Ebates to purchase your items. Before you go to Amazon.com or your retailer of choice, go to Ebates or FatWallet. Search for your retailer, click on the link, and you’ll earn cash back. Many of the retailers I’ve shopped this year are offering 10-20% cash back for the holidays. They’ve definitely sweetened the pot and that check I’ll get next year will make me feel even better about my holiday shopping.

Click here to read more about money saving sites for the holidays, and click here to read about sites that can save you money on all purchases all year round.

Cyber Monday savings

There is no need to run into the store today for the best savings. The focus will be online, a place I prefer to shop. It’s hassle free and easy to find deals.

This year free shipping is king online. Even if the retailer you are buying from doesn’t offer free shipping, search for a promotional code to reduce shipping costs.  If that’s a deal breaker, consider waiting until Decembr 17th (Free Shipping Day) when more than a thousand retailers will offer free shipping.

When you shop online, don’t go directly to the website of your retailer. Instead go to ebates or fatwallet and link to your favorite site. By doing that you can earn cash back. It’s usually a percentage of your total. On days like Cyber Monday, you can save even more as many retailers add extra savings. The other day I earned 6% cash back by linking through one of these sites.  You won’t get the cash right away, but it’s nice to earn money for spending money.

I don’t know about you but I hate when I see a box for a promotional code at checkout, and I don’t have one.  It’s a lot easier to find a deal that fits your purchase during the holidays, so always look. Search the store you’re shopping and the term “promotional code” for savings. Sometimes you have to buy a certain item, other times you have to spend a certain amount of money to qualify for the discount.

Happy shopping!