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Waterproof electronics?

Water and electronics just don’t mix. Rice and heat may help save your device but it doesn’t always work. New devices are pouring into the market that may wash away your worries. Should you consider one this holiday?

Companies are offering after-market solutions that waterproof your electronics. It’s still a new venture, so the companies offering this service are limited as are the products that you can waterproof. Right now, Liquipel, limits the products to high end gadgets like the iPhone or a simple iPod Shuffle.

The Liquipel service costs about $60 and right now the company is waterproofing the following products: iPod Shuffle, iPhone 4, Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile and AT&T, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, HTC My Touch 4G, Samsung Charge, and Motorola Droid X and X2.

AT&T is selling a Pantech tablet that’s waterproof. We’re not talking about little spills. This product claims to last 30 minutes underwater. So, I put it to the test for a NewsChannel 5 story.

The tablet costs just under $300 with a two year contract.

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Does it really do that? Kitchen products put to the test

We recently bought a kitchen chopper thinking it would revolutionize the way we cut veggies and taking the headache out of chopping them finely with a knife. The chopper barely worked. The food got caught in the crosshairs of the supposed blades, and you could fit very little in the chopper base. It’s a product that now collects dust. It’s an example of why the product testing segment I do for NewsChannel 5 is so helpful and fun.

This time around, we tested the Salad Blaster that makes it easy to make salad on the go. We also tested Kinetic Go Green kitchen containers that promise to keep your food fresher three times longer. Are moldy strawberries a thing of the past? See if these products really do that!