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Facebook & Twitter security

Lately, it seems friend after friend is being hacked on Twitter.  There are a number of reasons this could be happening, and the letters “https” may have something to do with it. I posted directions to make your Twitter and Facebook accounts more secure in March, but think it’s worth re-visiting.

Creating a secure connection on Twitter
Go to the top right of your Twitter page, and click on the menu under your name.  Click on settings.  Scroll to the bottom of settings and you’ll see a box next to “Always use HTTPS.” Make sure it’s checked so you can begin browsing securely.

Twitter has also announced it’s automatically turning this feature on for a small number of users.

Creating a secure connection on Facebook
Go into Account Settings on the right hand side of your Facebook page under Account. Once you’re into Account Settings, click on Account Security.  Make sure secure browsing has a check mark next to it. This will allow you to browse securely. You’ll notice the change at the top of your browser in the address bar. It should say https. The s stands for secure.

Facebook says it may take longer for a site to load when you’re using a secure connection because the information is encrypted. Plus, some third party applications do not support https. Facebook is working to resolve those issues.

Click here to read more about this change on Facebook.

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New social networking website for work? Will it work?

A new social networking site offers to make your life easier at work.  It’s called Chatter, and it claims to be a free, private, and secure social network for the office.  It says it’s useful to keep in touch with co-workers, projects, etc. and allows you to share more than just your thoughts. You can share projects and files in a secure manner the site claims.

You have to sign up with your work email.  That’s how the site make sure it’s only work employees communicating. Unlike most social sites, the information or chats are not public. They’re only between your co-workers. It’s not clear from the FAQ’s if the chatter is public within the company, though, so don’t say bad things about your boss or co-workers. The outside world may not see it, but your co-workers might.

You can launch this social network right from your desktop like TweetDeck. You don’t need a browser. You create a profile just like you do on any other social network.  You can create Public and Private groups, and connect with others. In a way, it seems similar to LinkedIn but it’s only within your company. It might be a good way to connect with others in a big company that you would never interact with, but it seems limited to just your company.