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What will you do for $5?

Need some spare money? Have a unique talent? How would you answer the question — “I will _____ for $5?” If you have a service to offer, and want to buy one for $5, Fiverr might be for you. It’s the latest marketplace allowing you to buy or sell your services, only this site charges a flat fee of $5.

When you offer a service it’s called a “Gig.” People in Cleveland are selling postcards and baseball cards all for the fixed price of $5. However, one of these sellers told me she hasn’t had any takers.

Just like with Ebay, you are rated based on your activity, performance, and reputation. As with most sites, there are good and bad reviews even for the most highly rated.

Getting you hundreds or thousands of Facebook or Twitter followers is a common Gig on Fiverr. While many positive reviews, there are also comments that the Facebook likes are not legitimate or the Twitter followers are people with no profile and no picture.

If you don’t get the service you paid for, you can cancel your order whether it wasn’t fulfilled or wasn’t delivered on time.

There are lots of quirky posts like, “Use a chicken puppet to read a short poem about my website” or “Create a 3 min video of you doing somersaults in various places.” Both were posted as a need. Not sure why you would need either one, but if you can fulfill these needs you could earn $4. That’s how much you’re paid when you perform or sell a Gig.

You can remain anonymous, or let your identity known when paying or getting paid. You select the degree of privacy you want when you sell or buy a gig for just $5.

What will you do for $5? Click comment below.

Facebook Timeline – what do you think?

Have you plunged into the new world of Facebook Timeline yet? We know how mandatory changes are received by Facebook fans. So far, this is still just an option. You get 7 days to arrange your timeline before it becomes live.

At first glance, I think it makes your page look really cluttered.  The cover picture which is your main picture that people see when they come to your page looks great. It’s big and full of sharp colors. However, it goes downhill from there.

Your stories are divided into two sections. You can share your most memorable posts, photos, and life events. You’re able to timeline your story and journey through life. Facebook will autofill some of your top posts, but during the 7 day preview before it becomes public, you can decide to keep or delete Facebook’s suggestions.

Your likes, friends, and places are all divided into subsections as well within this two column format. Plus, there is a timeline on the right hand side (see arrow in the picture) that allows you to sort the posts by year.

You still have privacy options to block people if you don’t want them to see a certain post. However, you are prompted to give up more personal information from your past and present. Be careful what you share. You don’t want to make yourself vulnerable for identity theft. Facebook birthdays are fun, but you probably don’t want to give your birth year. Just be careful what you share.

It’s a way to bring some of those older posts to the forefront again. Have you ever wanted to find an old post from a friend, but hated scrolling through the chronological posts? Forget it – especially if your friend had a birthday recently because you’ll be scrolling for that old post forever.

Friends who are using the Timeline feature say they thought it looked cluttered and confusing at first as well. My one friend said it’s easy to understand how to control your timeline and within 30 minutes she figured it all out. She says she kept with it because she wanted control over it rather than Facebook deciding for her when it becomes a permanent feature on everyone’s page. Now, she enjoys posting about milestones in her life.

Are you going to give Facebook Timeline a try or wait until it’s mandatory? Click comment below to weigh in on the issue.

New social networking website for work? Will it work?

A new social networking site offers to make your life easier at work.  It’s called Chatter, and it claims to be a free, private, and secure social network for the office.  It says it’s useful to keep in touch with co-workers, projects, etc. and allows you to share more than just your thoughts. You can share projects and files in a secure manner the site claims.

You have to sign up with your work email.  That’s how the site make sure it’s only work employees communicating. Unlike most social sites, the information or chats are not public. They’re only between your co-workers. It’s not clear from the FAQ’s if the chatter is public within the company, though, so don’t say bad things about your boss or co-workers. The outside world may not see it, but your co-workers might.

You can launch this social network right from your desktop like TweetDeck. You don’t need a browser. You create a profile just like you do on any other social network.  You can create Public and Private groups, and connect with others. In a way, it seems similar to LinkedIn but it’s only within your company. It might be a good way to connect with others in a big company that you would never interact with, but it seems limited to just your company.