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Return policies: some naughty, some nice

shoppingHave you started your holiday shopping yet? When deciding what to buy, also consider where to buy. Some return policies are more generous than others.

Kohl’s has a very generous return policy. It’s called “Hassle Free Returns” and is quite hassle free. The policy states, “You can return any item, anytime, for a full refund with a receipt. No receipt? No problem. You’ll get a Merchandise Credit good toward anything in the store or online. At Kohl’s, hassle-free is more than a policy. It’s a promise.”

That’s an amazing policy in this day and age where stores are cracking down on returns. Part of it is hte cost to the retailer and risk of fraud. I also think they’re trying to eliminate people like me. People who change their mind. I’ve changed some of hte stores I shop because of their poor return policies that clearly burn a busy consumer.

I’ll admit I buy a lot and return a lot. I don’t like to shop, so I’m on a mission when I hit the stores. Sometimes I buy something and later think twice about it once I get it home and have a clearer mind. I’ve experiecned first hand the need to get back to the store ASAP to return it or I’m out of luck.

I think Dillard’s has one of the tougher return polcieis for a department store. You need to have the tags attached, which I’m fine with, and the item must be returned within thirty days of purchase. I’m used to three months at other department stores and this return policy burned me pretty good this summer.

I bought a jacket, but ended up returning it because it was linen and I was worried it would be a wrinkled mess by the end of the day. I really liked the color yellow, and looked for another one that wasn’t linen. I found one with the help of an associate. We had to order it to get the right size, and when it arrived I wasn’t sold. It seemed big and wasn’t cut the way I hoped. I got busy with a million other things planning our wedding and kept meaning to take it back, but kept forgetting.

It’s my fault. I should have made it a bigger priority, but again I’m so used to a three month return policy at other department stores. I waited and finally found some time to get it returned after our wedding in August. That’s when I learned about Dillard’s 30 day return policy. I was shocked. Now, I’m stuck with an expensive jacket that I’ll probably never wear. What a costly mistake.

Just pay attention this holiday especially if you are buying for a woman because woman’s sizes are all over the map. There is no consistency.

J.Crew won’t let you return some sale items even within 30 days and with a receipt. I’m not talking about super big discounts. All sales were final at a recent 30% off sale I shopped. There were signs near the clothing alerting shoppers to this caveat, which I appreciated.

Forever 21 won’t return jewlery. All sales are final. The cashier told me at the register, and it certainly piqued my curiosity when the woman asked if I was familiar with the return policy? Again, at least it’s brought to the shoppers attention.

Some stores even limit the number of returns you can make each year.

For the holidays, many stores have an extended return policy through mid or late January.

Returns are not that big of a deal for some items. It seems I’m returning clothing most as I change my mind later. Everything looks good in the store. If you’re going out on a limb with a gift or buying clothing, consider the store’s return policy.

Retailer receipts go digital

Stores love to ask for your email address so they can send promotions and coupons. I always say no. I don’t want anymore junk email, but I recently re-considered when a retailer told me they’d send the receipt to my email address. I always lose receipts, and this seemed like a way to solve that problem.

E-receipts are gaining in popularity, and I expect they will begin to change the shopping experience this holiday season. They were used on a limited basis during last holiday season, but this year I think they will become an option at more stores.

Macy’s is still giving out regular receipts and sending you an e-receipt. Ask before you sign up because some retailers are just using e-receipts. I think it’s a great tool for the forgetful or busy shopper. It’s so easy to misplace that piece of paper that’s worth so much money. Some stores won’t return an item without a receipt, so lose that slip of paper and you’re not getting your money back. Probably just a merchandise credit which means you  have to buy more items and probably spend more money at that store.

The email looks just like a receipt and it includes everything I bought. I think e-receipts are a great resource and added protection for shoppers just in case that little piece of paper disappears.

Could warranty paperwork be a thing of the past?

Ever have a product break, but you can’t find the warranty paperwork or receipt? According to Near Field Communications World (NFC), you may no longer need to keep track of the paperwork and receipts. All that paper can add up, but now all the essential information could be contained on the product itself.

NFC says Indian firm, United Tectsa, has technology that allows manufacturers to add a tag to the product at the factory.  The serial number, product code, batch number, and manufacturing date are added to the tag. The data can’t be changed once it’s on the tag.

Once you buy the product, details of your purchase including date of purchase are electronically added to the tag. Then, you just need to show the store your product when it breaks or let the repairman read the tag at your home.

NFC says another bonus to the system, is that companies can collect data and track it based on customer complaints so they know which products and models are giving customers the most trouble.

Apps that help you organize receipts

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When the New Year rolls out, people roll out resolutions. They often only last a few weeks. I’ve noticed the crowds have thinned at the gym, as people ditch their lofty exercise goals.

Organization is another big resolution. If your life already feels like it’s spiraling out of control, here’s a handy tip that can help you reign in the chaos. It’s only February, so it’s still possible.

Perhaps you’ve realized your lack of organization and record-keeping is making taxes a little more difficult this year. There is an app that will help keep you organized. Try it out, now, so you can avoid the same aggravation next year.

CapturenGo lets you store receipts in an online account as you shop.  This is especially  handy considering you’re supposed to save all your HSA receipts. I noticed some of mine from 2009 were already fading. The ink doesn’t stay forever on a receipt.  The data can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet to make it easy to keep track of your expenses.

You can also scan business cards, so you have contacts at your fingertips.

The big downside – it’s only available for BlackBerry and iPhone users. So, I couldn’t try it out because I have 2 Droids. Give it a try and let me know what you think.  It’s free for up to 50 receipt scans every 30 days. If you need more than that, you can upgrade to the unlimited plan for $99 a year.

While handy, if you get one of these receipt trackers make sure you install a privacy setting on your phone. Whether your phone asks for a password, or for you to draw a design on the screen, make sure you create a barrier to gaining access to all the data you have on your phone if it’s stolen or lost.