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App pays you to workout and charges you if you don’t hit the gym

January is the month for gym memberships, but what’s going to really keep you going? How about some cash? The app, GymPact, holds you financially accountable for not going and rewards you for going to the gym. The only drawback – it’s only for iPhone users right now. An Android app is in the works, though.

You set the number of days you want to go to the gym, with the minimum being 1 day a week. You also set the penalty.

There is some flexibility since it’s likely you can’t keep the same workout schedule every week. You have until Sunday at midnight the week before to adjust your schedule if you know you won’t be able to meet your pact because of work or social obligations.  There is a vacation freeze as well but says you have to get a medical note if you get sick or injured.

There are 40,000 gyms in the database, but if yours is not listed you can add it as long as it’s not a home or office gym.

When you miss a day, your credit card is charged. You have to stay for 30 minutes to qualify for a workout. While there is an obvious penalty, there is a benefit too. You get the money paid by those who slack. The slackers fees are divided up by those who met their goal.

It’s an interesting concept if you really get paid as advertised. It’s unclear how many users there are so it’s not clear if you earn a few pennies a day or a few dollars a week if you fulfill your pact.The more days you commit, the higher the payout.

I’d give it a try for you but I’m recovering from hip surgery so walking on my crutches is my daily exercise for now. If you’re a devoted exercise enthusiast why not give it a try? There’s little risk if you make it to the gym regularly.