I Choose Happiness Every Day Because Tomorrow Is Not Promised

On April 19, 2019

It was Good Friday 16 years ago when Meghan and I last spoke. We talked about our weekend plans, her upcoming graduation, her job interviews and of course boys! After all, we were in our 20’s. Hours later, another woman killed her future. It stopped me cold in my tracks, and that one day changed the rest of my life!…


How To Get Better Gas Mileage With This 1 Tool

On May 25, 2017

Before you hit for a long road trip this Memorial Day or summer, spend five minutes checking the tire pressure.  It can save your family’s life, and save you money with better gas mileage.


Mommy Guilt Is A Real Problem: How To Let It Go

On April 24, 2017

As a parent, mommy guilt makes it difficult to make decisions. You question everything, and unfortunately nothing prepares you for the guilt that you feel as a mom. Letting go of mommy guilt requires a new way of thinking.