Google yourself to find private information that’s public

In this digital age, your footprint online lives forever. It’s a good habit to start “Googling” yourself every so often. Many employers are now using this technique to find out information about you.

The problem with the Internet is that anyone can post anything they want regardless of whether it is true. News organizations have a much higher threshold for reporting information than say a blog may utilize. Without proper scrutiny of information, it’s easy for mis-information to become truth in the digital world.

That’s why it’s so important you “Google” yourself to protect your public image, and to protect your privacy.

That very simple “Google” search for a lawyer turned up a goldmine of information. By searching her name, she realized her credit card number was posted online for everyone to see. We traced it to what appears to be a Canadian blog entry.

The woman knew her card had been compromised, but had no idea her entire number and CVV code was posted online. That CVV code is the key to protecting the integrity of your credit card, and knowing it was posted online was a bit unnerving.

We found information posted for people across the United States.

To find out if you’re a victim, “GOOGLE” yourself.

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