What will the Post Office sell next?

If you’ve been to the Post Office lately, you’ve been greeted with an onslaught of questions. The postal clerk is now a salesman. They’re not just asking you if there’s anything liquid or hazardous in your package, they are asking you if you’d like stamps, delivery confirmation, or any other upgrades.

I feel bad for the clerks because they’re ignored and get a bunch of No’s from customers who really want to say “ENOUGH. Just mail my item.”

Now, the Post Office clerk will try to sell you a new item. Gift cards will go on sale at  2,000 Post Offices in May.  If your Post Office sells greeting cards now, you’ll likely get the gift cards. About a thousand more locations will get the cards in October just in time for the holidays.

The test will run two years and include open loop cards. This means you’ll see a bank logo like American Express or Visa. You won’t be able to buy a gift card for your particular store.  They will come in fixed and variable amounts. The fixed card will be sold for $25 or $50 and the variable amount will have a minimum of $26 on it or a maximum of $100. You can add value to the card in $1 increments.

The Postal Service doesn’t expect revenue to be more than $10,000,000 in any given year of this test. They’ll make money off the fees that are charged. For a $25 fixed card you’ll pay a $3.95 activation fee, $4.95 for a fixed $50 card, and $5.95 for a variable gift.

The Post Office is also raising the price of some services April 17th as it tries everything possible to remain in business.

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