Upgrades add privacy and faster browsing speeds

As I loaded up Firefox this morning, a pop-up appeared in the lower right hand corner reminding me that there is an update available. There are lots of updates rolling out for browsers and even programs like Adobe. I got a warning about that this morning, too.

Upgrading can be frustrating because you have to learn about new features and find out where your favorite ones are now hiding. However, you should make the browser upgrades because you will gain privacy and security, while gaining faster browsing speeds.

Business Insider does a great job breaking down all the changes.  One cosmetic change you’ll notice on Firefox is that the tabs are above the address bar instead of below it.  One of the biggest differences you’ll notice is the browsing speed. Mozilla boasts up to six times the speed of earlier versions, and reviewers say they’ve noticed a difference.

With some of these browsers, you need the latest operating system for the browser download to work like Windows 7, Windows XP, or Vista.  Make sure you read the requirements which are usually right next to the “download” button before you click download.

Business Insider 10 best features of Firefox

Business Insider 10 best features of Internet Explorer 9

Business Insider showcases new features for Google Chrome 10
or just watch the video below to see all the changes from Google.

There are also great security improvements as browsers respond to the Federal Trade Commission’s request to increase your digital privacy. I call it reducing your digital footprint. Click here to read about those improvements.