QR codes make your shopping experience interactive at Home Depot

QR codes are starting to pop up in many places. I first spotted one in the Cleveland area in January at a beverage store on the West Side.  They’ll soon fill downtown businesses giving you access to money saving deals and menus.  I’ve seen them on CNN, and in direct mail.  Now, a giant retailer is joining the QR craze.

The Home Depot will use QR codes to give consumers product ratings, reviews, How-To guides, or access to the online store.   You’ll start to see the codes this week in the print ad for Martha Stewart Living kitchens.   You’ll also see them on store shelves, signs, and other traditional marketing material.

QR stands for quick response technology. Consumers get a quick response when they scan the code wherever they see it.  The code offers you something extra like money saving deals, extra audio visual information at a museum. According to ScanLife, the company teaming up with The Home Depot to bring the technology to consumers, mobile barcode scanning is up 1600% since 2010.

Many smartphones come with QR scanning technology, but as my report in February showed all scanners are not the same. Some work better than others, and it often involves a series of tests to find the right scanner. Spending time doing that can save you time and money as QR codes become mainstream in the next few years.

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