How to keep your name off a sucker list

Are you a sucker? You might say no, but it takes just one mistake online or on the phone and you could become a sucker for life. Scammers create lists called, “sucker lists” when they come across an easy victim. The elderly are prime targets, but in this digital age younger generations can easily fall prey.

It can happen if you respond to just one illegitimate offer. Think it can’t happen to you?

That’s what this family thought.Unlike the do not call list and do not email list, there is not a list that can remove your name from the sucker list. Once you’re on the sucker list, it’s virtually impossible to get your name removed.  So, take steps to prevent the problem from happening.

1. Reduce your junk mail
Sign up for the DMA Mail Preference Service to reduce unwanted catalogues and other direct marketing material

2. Opt out of pre-approved credit and insurance offers
Click the link above or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT.  Opting out online will last five years.  To permanently opt out, click on the link above and mail in the form.

3. Get off commercial e-mail lists
Click here to sign up for eMPS which is the email Preference Service
The list removes your name from commercial email lists

4. Unsubscribe from unwanted mass marketing emails
Click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of unwanted email, and remove your name from that company’s marketing list.  In light of the recent hacking of email addresses used by companies for marketing, this is a good tip to protect your identity.

5. Add a deceased loved one’s name to the deceased do not contact list
Click here to stop the pain you feel when you get mail for a loved one that’s passed

6. Add an elderly loved one’s name to the do not contact caretaker’s registration
Click here to ensure your loved one you are caring for won’t fall for a scam or waste their money on things they don’t need while you’re not looking

7. Order the 10 FREE consumer reports kept about you
Your annual credit report gets the most attention, but there are 9 other reports that companies collect.  Make sure they are accurate so you are not penalized when you go to rent a home, get insurance, or get credit.