Contractors putting your family at risk

For six months, I’ve been looking into a year old federal law that protects families from lead poisoning. The law requires contractors get certified to work in a home or childcare facility built before 1978. The certification is needed if the work will disturb more than six square feet of lead based paint inside or 20 square feet outside.

My NewsChannel 5 investigation found the majority of contractors registered to do work in a city are not certified. This includes window contractors, and windows are the #1 source of lead poisoning.  We brought contractors into a home filled with hidden cameras to see what they’re telling consumers.

The investigation also uncovered problems with the Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement. The EPA filed no actions until one day before the scheduled air date for our story. Even then, it took a You Tube video posted seven months ago for the EPA to do anything.

Now, two Cleveland area Congressional leaders are vowing to take action to get this law enforced.

Click here to see what you can do as a consumer to make sure your family is safe.

While it’s a federal law, local communities and states are making enforcement their job.

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