Could warranty paperwork be a thing of the past?

Ever have a product break, but you can’t find the warranty paperwork or receipt? According to Near Field Communications World (NFC), you may no longer need to keep track of the paperwork and receipts. All that paper can add up, but now all the essential information could be contained on the product itself.

NFC says Indian firm, United Tectsa, has technology that allows manufacturers to add a tag to the product at the factory.  The serial number, product code, batch number, and manufacturing date are added to the tag. The data can’t be changed once it’s on the tag.

Once you buy the product, details of your purchase including date of purchase are electronically added to the tag. Then, you just need to show the store your product when it breaks or let the repairman read the tag at your home.

NFC says another bonus to the system, is that companies can collect data and track it based on customer complaints so they know which products and models are giving customers the most trouble.

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