Coupon policies continue to change

Extreme Couponing is coming back for season two, as stores continue to alter their coupon policies. You can’t say the changes are because of the show, but it’s interesting how so many stores are tightening their policies.

Target’s new policy makes it clear you can only use one Buy One Get One Free coupon, so you can’t get both items free. Rite Aid made a similar tweak to its Buy One Get One Free policy allowing just one Buy One Get One Free Coupon. Rite Aid also won’t let you use a Buy One Get One Free Coupon on a Buy One Get One Free offer.

Rite Aid also limited the number of identical coupons you can use to four so you can’t buy hundreds of the same item. That happens on Extreme Couponing. In one episode featured on the TLC website, the woman bought 50 toothbrushes and another bought 600 pieces of candy.

With so many changes, it’s obvious there is more scrutiny at the counter.  I’ve shared my recent problems getting discounts, but after some arguing I’ve gotten the cashier or store management to make it right. However, a woman in Idaho claims Walmart took her questions to an extreme. Thanks to a reader who told me about this story that aired on a Fox station in Idaho. According to the article, the woman and Walmart management were discussing the “Ad Match” policy, and that set off a string of actions when the woman allegedly tried to record the conversation with her phone. The article says Walmart did not respond to the TV station’s calls, but it’s an interesting situation.  I’d like to see the cell phone video to see exactly what happened, but it’s a reminder to keep your cool when you don’t agree with a store policy of any kind. Getting emotional and angry won’t solve your problem, and could make it worse.

I’ve always scrutinized the checkout process, and always make sure I’m getting every discount. It’s important to watch, because I’ve noticed mistakes. Click comment and share your latest coupon experience.

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