Borders liquidation sale means last minute changes

Borders is set to start the liquidation sale Friday, but I learned late Thursday night that they are anything but prepared.

I walked into my local Borders around 9 ET, to see a liquidation sounding man talking to a Borders employee with a clipboard. The liquidator type said he was a contractor and gave orders about details of the liquidation to the store employee.  This liquidator was the only sign of a big sale starting Friday. If I wasn’t paying attention, I could have walked by the guy, because other than that conversation it was business as usual Thursday night.

The liquidator mentioned the cafe would be one of the first things to go. If you are in the market for a coffee mug or other cafe type merchandise, you may not want to wait long for that deal to get sweeter because the sale in the cafe may not last long. That is IF that type of product even goes on sale depending on who runs the cafe.

There was mention of a flash sale Friday afternoon, whatever that means. The liquidator sounding man mentioned that the “other stores” didn’t even know about it yet. I’m assuming that means the other local stores the liquidator is working with for the sale.

The liquidator type talked matter of factly rattling instruction after instruction. I couldn’t believe this conversation happened in the front of the store where everyone enters, exits, and browses books. I stood there for a few minutes and nobody noticed. Perhaps the Borders employee was too busy taking notes, and the liquidator was too busy pretending he was a robot.

It made me feel bad for the employees who are about to lose their jobs. They did nothing wrong. They’re just collecting a paycheck, and now the end date of that check is uncertain. Until that date arrives, they are reporting to a higher boss that wants them to clean out the store. So, if you attend the liquidation sale be nice to the employees. It was clear from what I witnessed they’re just taking orders.

30 Borders stores may be spared. Books-A-Million is trying to take over the lease of 30 stores, although it’s still unclear which ones.