Credit card company offers Facebook deals if you link your credit card

Link, like, love. I’ll link and like your site, but I”m not loving this new social media app from American Express.

The credit card company’s “link, like, love” campaign offers deals, and access based on the likes, interests, and social connections of American Express cardholders and their friends.  Sounds like a good idea until you learn you have to link your Facebook account and credit card information.

You go to the American Express Facebook page, and link your card so you can choose your favorite deals. It’s billed as an easy way to cash in on money-saving deals without the coupons. Your credit card statement is credited.

For example, if you like Dunkin’ Donuts on Facebook or check-in to a DD with Facebook Places, you may see a deal for the donut / coffee shop. If your friends like “Glee” or has it as an interest, you may see an exclusive offer to the Glee 3D movie.

The deals won’t be exclusive to the cardholder. You can share them with friends.

Right now, some of the deals American Express shows without signing up include $5 back if you spend $20 at Whole Foods or get $25 back if you spend $100 with Lord & Taylor.

I am all about saving money and have taken surveys to get frequent flier miles or other rewards, and earn rewards when I shop online. However, this is a little too personal for me. I get that when I earn cash back for shopping at an online retailer, the two sites are sharing my shopping history. However, the two sites don’t share my credit card information as far as I know.

With this social media application, I’m not convinced my personal information is kept private. I like to save money, but I won’t compromise my personal identity and that of my friends.

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5 thoughts on “Credit card company offers Facebook deals if you link your credit card

  1. Jenn: I have to totally agree with you. I don’t think they will keep your information private. Any time there is a dollar to be made, they will do what they have to make it. That’s proably why they like & love it.


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