Can’t return an item to a store? Return it to your credit card

Buyer’s remorse? It’s easy to get especially as our economy is still uncertain. Forget about dealing with those annoying return policies that are impossible to keep straight. There is another way to get added protection.

American Express and other credit card companies offer Return Protection that provides a standard 90 day return policy if the store’s policy is not as good. So, if the store won’t take back an item you’re not satisfied with, you can get a refund up to $300 a product excluding shipping and handling from American Express. There is a $1000 cap per year for this protection.

There are some catches to the program like you have to still have the receipt from the store, the product must be in new condition, and it only covers charges to your American Express card made in the U.S.

Secondly, there is a long list of exclusions including one of a kind items (antiques, artwork, and furs), limited edition items, going-out-of business sale items, consumable or perishable goods with a limited life span (light bulbs, non-rechargable batteries, perfume), jewelry, watches,  rare and precious coins, refurbished and rebuilt items, custom-built items, cell phones, pagers, computer software, firmware (console games and Nintendo), maps, books, tickets, formal wear, motor vehicles, and items permanently affixed to your home, office, or car.

The list of exclusions is long, but it’s to prevent against fraud like using the product and then returning it. When your return is processed by the credit card company, you mail back the product and get a refund.  Click here to read all the terms

Visa also offers return protection on some  cards. The website says to check with your issuer to see if it’s offered on your card.

MasterCard offers a refund up to 60 days for purchases of $250 or less.

Just check with your credit card company to make sure these protections are included with your card.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about other protections credit cards offer that you may not know about.

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