Price matching: Shopping sales from multiple stores at one store

Have you picked out all the sale items from the Sunday ads? If you want something from a few different stores, there’s no need to run around from store to store to take advantage of the sale prices. You can shop at one store and take advantage of all the sales. It’s called price matching or ad matching and several stores offer it.

Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot are some of the stores that allow you to bring in a competitor’s ad and get that price at their store. At Walmart, you don’t even need the ad. It sounds easy, but how easy is it?

For NewsChannel 5, I had my photographer price match. He’s never used coupons before, so he is truly a novice. I told him the basic rules, and let him go to work. I wanted to use someone who wasn’t skilled in saving money to show you that anyone can price match.

While some people report problems, it all comes down to knowing the policy where you are shopping. Don’t let a cashier frustrate you, and don’t be surprised if you have to educate them on the policy.

To successfully price match, you need to be organized. The hardest part is matching the items. With food and health and beauty products I would not expect as much variation as we saw with back to school items. Some stores had two package Sharpie’s on sale, but at the store we were using to ad match we might have only found packages with three markers. So, it’s hard with some items to ad match because you need to buy the same product.

I created an Excel spreadsheet to stay organized. This might be helpful if you are buying many products. It helps you keep the sales, prices, and model numbers organized.

Have you tried ad matching? Share your experience.

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