Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups have arrived but there may be a cheaper option for perfect coffee

In February, I posted about Dunkin’ Donuts releasing K-Cups this summer. Well, they have arrived. I saw them at my Dunkin’ Donuts the other day, and Keurig announced their arrival in an email to customers today.

The K-Cups will be available in five flavors including Original Blend, Dunkin’ Decaf, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Dunkin’ Dark.  While Keurig announced the arrival of the K-Cups, they are only available in Dunkin’ Donuts stores and not online.

The K-Cups come in 14 count boxes. The price is not online, but I opted for an even cheaper option the other day. I bought ground coffee that I add to my Keurig with the filter K-Cup. It allows me to get a perfect brew every time while saving money. K-Cup’s are great, but they’re not cheap even if you buy them in bulk online.

While it’s great to have single cups of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee that you can brew at home, I’ll buy the DD K-Cups for coffee in a pinch. For everyday use, I’ll keep making my own Keuring cup by buying ground coffee in bulk.

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  1. Now as far as the DD coffee goes, it’s tops. A friend of mine turned me onto this coffee, saying that it was better than Starbucks coffee. I was a bit skeptical, but he was right. I do prefer this to Starbucks- the flavor is richer & it’s also far cheaper per bag. (I could get this size bag for a little over $ 12 at my local Wal-mart where a smaller bag of Starbucks sells for around $10. I will admit that there are some Starbucks that I’ll still pay $ 10 for!)

    The coffee brews nicely & has a very good kick to it caffeine-wise. I’ve tried both this roast & the darker roasts, but prefer the medium roast because I prefer a more mellow taste. The only bad part? The price. As of this posting, the price is twice what I’d be paying in the store for one bag! I still do recommend this to everyone, though- just look to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

    • Thanks for the comment. At my grocery store, DD is actually more expensive. Starbucks is usually on sale, plus I often have a coupon for it. It’s cheapest for me to buy DD at DD. You get more for your money, but you can’t use coupons.

  2. Never buy DD at a Grocery Store as the bags are not a full pound, only 12 oz and usually around $9.00 or ¢75 per oz. If you go directly to the DD Store as Jenn suggests you will save big if you buy their 4lb special. It is not always advertised, so you have to know to ask!! Buy 4lbs (4 bags) for $29.99 thats only $7.50 per 16oz bag or ¢47 per oz! You cannot use coupons but with this deal you save so much you don’t need the coupons! I hit my local Dunkin Donuts Store once a month a buy my 4 lbs and save! When I heard the price was increasing, it used to only cost $25 for 4 lbs, I bought 8 bags to stock up. Oh how I love my Dunkin Donuts Coffee! Delicious!!

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  4. Where is dunkin doughnuts stores. Thontons filling stations stores no longer sell them

  5. As there are no Dunkin Donuts stores in California, I cannot buy any of the K-cups as they are not sold online by Dunkin Donuts themselves via the internet. An online store like Kakemun are selling them for a higher price than what Dunkin Donuts sell in their stores. It was two months ago when I visited the Phoenix, Arizona area that I bought five boxes of K-cups at a DD store and shipped them immediately to my home. Now I am running out of this precious coffee. If only Dunkin would open up some stores in Southern California, I wouldn’t have to go to Kohls, Target, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy K-cups of other brands. Until, I have to brew Dunkin Donuts coffee with the K-pod, a little more messier that way.

    • Hi William – Thanks for your comment. It’s my understanding only DD stores sell the K-cups. I’m not sure why they do that, but they’re not widely available as you’ve found out. They’re probably sold higher online because of the limited availability. If they shipped them the last time, you might want to try calling them and seeing if they’ll do it again for a loyal customer. It’s worth a shot. Or ask a relative in a state with a DD to buy some and ship them off. Hope you find some soon. I do love my DD coffee. I use the K-cup filter and fill it with the bulk DD coffee and it works great. It is a little messy, but it’s also cheap.

      • Hi, and thanks for your reply. I guess I wasn’t clear on the shipment of DD coffee. After buying 5 boxes of the precious coffee, I took them to my friend’s apartment. She had a box big enough to hold all five boxes in. I taped the box closed and took it to an Office Max store to ship to my home. Hopefully soon Keurig.com will start selling the boxes online or DD will finally start selling them online as well. Thanks. :-)

  6. you can buy the dunkin donuts k cups on line now at the dunkin donuts web site! clickon the icon to purchase coffee then you will see a drop down menu with size and you will choose the 2oz size. It’s definitely not cheap but a must have if you are a dunkin donuts fan.

    • That’s a lot! Odd, though, because the site says ground 2 oz, 48 pack, and doesn’t mention the K-cups. Also, they’re not available in every flavor. Looks like an experiment. Did you buy some? I know you’ve been craving some Dunkin’!

    • Well, to my disappointment, these were not the 48 k-cups, but 48 of the 2-oz. bricks of Dunkin Donuts ground coffee, enough to make a pot of coffee, the old way. I ordered what I thought were the k-cups. After some thought, I called Dunkin Donuts and a customer service agent relayed the bad news. So they intercepted the shipment at my request before it ever arrived, and refunded my money.

      So if anyone who orders a quantity of 48 and thinks that these are k-cups, think again. Seeing is believing. But not in this case.

      • Thanks William for the information. Not sure where you bought these, but it’s happening on sites that sell K-cups exclusively. I know one involves hot chocolate. If you read the comments section you realize the hot cocoa is delivered in a packet and not a K-Cup. So, you really need to start checking the descriptions and look for K-Cup even when you buy on a site dedicated to selling K-cups.

  7. Yeah, like if we didn’t know. I suppose one would have to call DD to be sure that they are the k-cups. Each 2 oz k-cup is $1.09. That’s a lot more than what other k-cups cost on other sites like Keurig, Green Mountain, Bed-Bath&Beyond, etc.

      • Right, the only option for me is to use the k-pod and fill it to the second line. It is a messier job, though. By that I mean to take a bag of DD coffee. :-/

      • Messy but cheap – I do that every morning. I think a little cleanup is worth it to save big bucks! I’m hearing K-Cups will decrease in price this year as more competitors enter the market. However, you’ll always pay a price for that convenience.

      • Yes, that is true. I will bide my time when DD lowers the price of their k-cups online. There is the old method, and countless other k-cups. BTW, I watched the hockey game telecast from Los Angeles last night. I noticed that along the boards of the ice rink at Staples Center, Dunkin Donuts have begun advertising. Is there something brewing in Southern California that I should know about? :-)

    • WordPress has great tutorials that make it somewhat self-explanatory to figure out how to create a blog without programming skills. I suggest you read through some of the tutorials to get started. Really, you just need to pick a theme and get comfortable with it and tweak it from there. Good luck.

  8. Seems like Dunkin Donuts don’t want to receive emails from people in California who want to order their k-cups via the online store. They never responded to mine. Oh well. I went through another seller to buy the Dunkin Donuts k-cups.

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  11. In San Diego, the DD k-cups have been appearing at the 31 Flavors ice cream stores for $12.99 a box.

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