App ends customer service hold times

There’s an app you need to try if you are tired of sitting on hold waiting for a customer service representative to talk to you. This app makes them wait on you. It’s called FastCustomer, and it advertises that it’s  “taking the ‘suck’ out of customer service.”

It sounds like a good idea, so I put it to the test. First, I called Sprint.  You simply type in Sprint, and the app finds the number for you. You tell the app to call the number, and a few minutes later your phone rings.

I answered, “This is Jenn,” and didn’t hear much of a response. I figured the customer service rep was confused. I said, “Is this Sprint?” Confused, she said, “Yes.” That’s when I filled the customer service rep in on the app. She laughed and said, “I wasn’t sure what happened. It told me the customer was holding and to press 1.” It worked and broke the ice with my customer service representative.

“This is x claims service. My name is Jeffrey,”the next company said.  This was my auto insurance company. I automatically got claims even though I needed policy services. Claims transferred me to policy services when I asked, and then came the dreaded automated message with prompts to hit 1 or 2. None of the options really fit what I needed, so I attempted as many ways as I could to just get an operator.  Finally, I got what I needed.

Then, I tried Time Warner Cable. The app told me they weren’t open for business. It was about 9 at night. That seemed odd, so I called the number I had for Time Warner NE Ohio and they were open.

Finally, I called the other insurance company I do business with, and the woman said, “Thank you for calling xx company,” when I answered the phone. She wasn’t phased by pressing one to talk to me. It’s about time! We have to wait on them. Now, customer service has to wait on us. Great app! Hopefully it will expand and include local and national businesses soon.

While the app focuses on national numbers, you need to know as a consumer that sometimes there are better local numbers as in the case of Time Warner. If it’s a utility or company a lot of people in your region call, the app makers say let them know and they’ll add the number to their list.

Although the app transferred me to the wrong department for one insurance company, it was easier than looking up the number to call myself.  The company adds new businesses all the time and currently  has 1600 companies listed.  It’s currently in beta form for the Android Phone, and also available for the iPhone.

I was very impressed with the app and will definitely use it the next time I need to call customer service.

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