Adoptive parents still waiting for tax refunds

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Tax season ended months ago, but some adoptive parents are still waiting for their tax refund. Adoptive parents can apply for up to $13,170 in a refundable credit if they meet qualifications.

The adoption credit is the largest refundable credit, and joins a long list of credits like the first time homebuyer credit and child tax credit. There were delays with the homebuyer credit, and the IRS says this is all a result of the agency trying to deal with this new phenomenon of refundable tax credits.

The adoption credit is an incentive to adopt, but these long delays led some parents to worry it will be sway would-be parents away from adoption. The IRS says it’s working on the problem, but simply has to sort through all the paperwork. These refunds require documentation and a paper return at a time when the IRS is moving away from paper.

Complicating matters, the Inspector General says it told the IRS to make changes to speed up processing time but adds that the IRS chose not to make those recommended changes. For more on that part of the story, watch my investigation for NewsChannel 5.

5 thoughts on “Adoptive parents still waiting for tax refunds

  1. I just wanted to thank you for trying to help! I have two adopted children and Im still waiting on my refund since may. I have sent everything to the IRS two times and each time I always make sure all my paperwork is in order. The only thing I have received was a letter on aug 13th saying I didnt send all my paperwork. So I resent everthing again aug16th. I decided to call today to make sure they recieved everthing. I call the 800 # and I was on hold for about 45 min to be told she didnt see any updates and I needed to call back in a few days. She also said my time would start over and it would be another 8 to 12 weeks before I would receive anything “if my paperwork was right”. I live in TN so I cant watch your story but do want to thank you!


  2. I have also adopted 2 children, have been waiting since the 1st of April. Have gotten one letter stating they needed more information, so got that resent. Called for the first time the other day, and was told that my 12 week period would be over on Sept. 1st, have went to mail box expecting check but still nothing. But I was also told the other day while speaking to the representative that each time that you had to supply back information that they requested from you….like stated above, your 8 to 12 time period, would start over each time. Maybe next week will be the week!!!


  3. Don’t count on it. I have been waiting since April 23rd. That’s when they signed for it. I have only received 1 letter (June timeframe) and it just said that they needed more time. I finally got a tax advocate involved and the IRS told her that it JUST went to the review/audit dept. on 9/1. I AM SOOOOOO MAD!!!!! I will get an attorney involved if I don’t see something by 10/1.


    • I’ve been told the refund process could take up to a year. I know not what you want to hear. Hopefully the advocate helps. Also, your Congressman’s Office can help put pressure on them.


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