Facebook testing news feed without “most recent” option

UPDATE 9/21 – Click here to read my latest update now that Facebook has changed the news feed for everyone

UPDATE – 9/18 – Since writing about Facebook splitting my news feed into two sections, and hearing from lots of you the layout has been fixed.  This morning, I woke up to find “most recent” and “top news” are back.

Here’s what started all this — In the new layout, the feed is divided into two areas. Your only main feed option is “Recent Stories.” To the right of it, there is a ticker of sorts with other comments and posts.

Here’s Facebook’s answer to the question “Why am I seeing these News Feed changes?

Facebook wrote, “We sometimes test new features with small groups of people who use Facebook. The test group may get bigger or smaller over time, and people who have been added to the group will see these features as long as the test is running. In many cases, the new features eventually become a part of Facebook for everyone.” You are able to report the problem or add suggestions, which I suggest you do if you have an opinion about the changes.
It appears to be a change that’s been rolling out for a year. Mashable wrote about it last July, and I’ve seen a lot of posts about it the last few months. It happened to my account, but not my boyfriend’s account and not on my work profile.

When the change happened, I noticed a drop down menu next to a post. It asked me about my  subscription to an individual’s feed. It told me I was subscribed to a person, and I had the option to check most updates, all updates, or only important. Facebook defaulted to most updates and not all updates. I manually changed the frequency friend by friend to all posts.  Update 9/21: This option is not part of the nationwide roll-out of the split news feed.

The other change deals with the size of photographs. They were much bigger now in the news feed section.

If you’re running into problems or have a suggestion about these new features, there is even a Facebook page, “I want my old news feed back now.”



What do you think about the changes, and did Facebook switch your feed back after complaining? Click “comment” below.

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22 thoughts on “Facebook testing news feed without “most recent” option

  1. It’s awful. I’m thinking about dropping out of facebook. I want my posts in order and I don’t care what facebook thinks are the top stories. I hate the ticker thing – it’s way too much information that I don’t want to see.


  2. i want my facebook back to how it was.. so i can see recent news feeds of everyone😦 i feel like im missing out on if friends go out now… or random quotes from friends who i likes to read…. it’s poo😦


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  4. I hate this, hate hate hate. The only way I’ve found to get ALL the news feed from ALL friends is to add them all to the stupid “Close Friends” list and read from there instead of the News Feed screen. Even then, I don’t get any updates from the pages I’ve liked.

    On News Feed all I get are “top stories from the past eight hours” — just the few (half dozen or so) updates that have gotten a lot of comments, and they don’t seem to be in chronological order, necessarily. This is the worst change FB has ever made and totally defeats the purpose of FB.

    If anything drives me away from FB and to Google+, it will be this.


  5. HATE IT!!! Under my “most recent” the posts are from 2 days ago. FB is picking top posts for me and sometimes it’s someone’s post that I’m not even friends with. FB is totally useless for me now. I can’t believe that they would think this update is the positive thing. It’s horrible!


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  7. I hate! hate! hate! this ‘upgrade’ so far. I’ll be leaving Facebook totally if this doesn’t work the way they are claiming it will!


  8. I hate it, as well. Really, really awful. In fact, I haven’t seen positive feedback from anyone anywhere about it. Not only are the changes horrible, the method in which they have been implemented is horrible. Why would a company make a change that all of its users hate?!


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  11. I think it’s great, I can’t get Facebook to show what I want any more, so I’ve stopped using it and have much more free time to do other things instead😉
    The first thing I always used to do was click “Most Recent” and read the news feed in chronological order. I do not want anyone else telling me what’s important or not, I’ll decide that, thank you. Goodbye FB.


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