Vinyl siding, car parts, pool covers, and paint melting on homes

Courtesy Marko Vovk - NEO Certified Home Inspector

There’s a puzzling problem that’s happening in neighborhoods across the country — pool covers, car parts, paint, and vinyl siding are melting. Even the Department of Energy is looking at the issue.

“I thought maybe it was lightning or because I bought a new microwave,” Lynne Loudon told me for a story on NewsChannel 5.

She even thought her house wash shifting. It wasn’t until she saw a spot of yellow light on the side of her house that she realized where it was coming from. She and a neighbor both agreed it was the reflection off the neighbor’s new double hung windows.

It caused significant damage to an entire side of Loudon’s home, and she’s not alone.

The National Association of Home Builders says the curvature of the glass in the double hung windows can create a magnifying glass effect that focuses a light beam at other surfaces that can reach 200 degrees.

NAHB says low-e glass windows “exacerbate” the effect.

“The damage is being done to our product, and not by our product,” Jery Huntley said.

Huntley is President of the Vinyl Siding Institute . She said anything in the path of this unnatural sunlight will melt.

“We’ve heard reports of paint, trim on houses, car parts, pool covers anything in the path of this magnified glass effectively can be damaged,” Huntley said.

Trade groups conducting studies

While experts in the field, and trade groups like the National Association of Home Builders says certain windows cause the problem, the Window and Door Manufacturer’s Association says, “there is no definitive cause of the phenomenon.”

The president told 5 On Your Side that windows are performing the way they’re supposed to. He said many factors impact the performance of vinyl siding.

The Department of Energy echoed that concern in it’s report adding that “all the factors involved in vinyl siding distortion are not yet fully understood.” The DOE suggests believes more research is needed.

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  5. There would be value in this post if solutions were provided. I’m on my third pool cover and short of spray painting the windows some dark flat color no-one has a solution. So much for creativity in America.


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