Extreme couponers sell their deals at yard / stockpile sales

Couponers are reacting to my NewsChannel 5 story on extreme couponers selling their discounted items at a yard sale. This new trend is called a stockpile sale, and it has become a money making venture for extreme couponers.

Cristina Neumann makes $300 a day selling her stockpile items.  She sells everything from soap to sauce in front yards. The products are name brands, too. Neumann pays pennies on the dollar for the items and re-sells the products for cheaper than you’d find in the store.

I met some shoppers who return week after week, and some even negotiate to save even more.

“I wish I had the time to do the couponing myself, but they take the work out of it for me. So, I look for the sales,” Scott Sanderson said.

Instead of spending time weeding through weekly inserts, Sanderson scans the internet looking for the latest stockpile sale. They’re happening all over Northeast Ohio.

“We try to save a buck wherever we can,” Sanderson said.

What do you think of this extreme behavior?

Some couponers would not speak on camera about their sale, although they publicly advertise it. Some people have the sale because their stockpile is filling up their home and they need to make room, or they’re moving.

For Neumann, it was a way to raise money for her niece’s trip to Florida.

“We were sitting there trying to figure out how to fundraise. We did a car wash. We did a spaghetti dinner, and lost money. We finally said I wonder if we could  sell these things,” Neumann said.

Neumann says she follows coupon rules and limits.

“We are really particular about the coupon policies because if people play with them they disappear. No more coupons. That would be horrible,” Neumann said.

Sometimes it means making repeated shopping trips.

However, my story for NewsChannel5 generated comments from couponers who think this is unethical and it hurts the average person trying to use a coupon the right way.

Since extreme couponing has become high profile, there have been policy changes and limits on coupons.

Some coupons now say “limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip.” Some also say, “Coupons not authorized if purchasing products for resale.”

The problem is policing this, and remembering which coupon can’t be used for resale.

What do you think of stockpile sales? Would you shop at one?

10 thoughts on “Extreme couponers sell their deals at yard / stockpile sales

  1. Wouldn’t these sales lead to needing a vendor’s license, and also paying taxes on the goods sold? It seems like a great way to make some extra cash,however they are running a business. Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated.


  2. Since the last report that you had, many retailers are cutting back on the coupons they redeem and they are also aware of coupon fanantics who are doing these yard sales. What it is going to hurt is the average person who tries to use coupons and the retailer is going to turn them down. Also when they go to a store they find an item(or items) are sold out to the extreme couponers.


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  7. A lot of coupons now require that you buy more than one .Example (Buy 2 for 50 cents off) This is a result of extreme coupon shoppers. Most regular shoppers only need one item when they are shopping.


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