Ho ho ho instead of trick or treat? Stores want you to start your holiday shopping

Black Friday shoppers rush into Best Buy 2010

The holiday shopping season doesn’t officially kick off for two more months, but it’s already starting for retailers. Christmas items are appearing in stores, and we’re learning the different strategies to get customers in the door.

Toys”R”Us says it will offer exclusive merchandise like Moshi Monsters and The Trash Pack. The toy store will introduce its first-ever catalog featuring merchandise only sold at Toys”R”Us. It will be 44 pages long with 350 items in it.

Target launched Cyber Monday sales in September.

While it’s typical for stores to put the Christmas decorations up before the ghosts and goblins are stored away or even bought, Northeast Ohio sees decorations before other parts of the country.

For a NewsChannel 5 story, Strongsville Home Depot employee Tim Baker said, “All marketing research and any of the statistics from sales, etc. are going to show you where the populations are that buy. We’re in a very good market. We respond to it.”

I expect the real Black Friday ads will start leaking by the end of October. Whether you like it or not, the holidays are around the corner and stores are willing to do anything to get you to buy.

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  1. Absolutely outrageous that stores put up Christmas trees and decorations in early Oct. How can one appreciate the beauty and joy of Christmas when retailers do this so early?? Makes my blood boil at the greed!


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