FTC sending check to scareware victims

If you get a check in the mail from the Federal Trade Commission, it’s not a scam. Enjoy this holiday gift that’s really the result of a settlement.The FTC is sending more than 300,000 consumers refund checks because they were the victim of a “scareware.”

The FTC settled with Innovative Marketing and other parties involved in the scheme. The FTC says the companies involved tricked consumers into thinking their computers were infected with viruses or spyware, and then sold them software programs like Winfixer, Drive Cleaner, and XP Antivirus to fix a problem that didn’t exist.

The average check will be $20, but it all depends on how much you lost. The company, Epiq Systems, will be sending the checks. If you think you are due a refund or need more information call 1-877-853-3541 or visit www.FTC.gov/refunds.

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