Turn plastic gift cards into mobile money

Did you get a gift card for the holidays? Instead of burying it in your wallet, how about burying it an app on your phone? Some plastic or paper gift cards can now be converted into mobile versions.

There are apps that allow you to store a gift card’s information or some businesses like Target allow you to store the information on their mobile site. When you save the information, the card will be turned into a barcode on your phone that you show the cashier at checkout.
Apps like SWAGG make it easy to store all your gift cards in one place on your mobile phone. The app has teamed up with many national retailers including Brookstone. All you need is the app to check out with your gift card. No need to have the actual card handy once you load the information into the app.

I think a mobile gift card would make me less likely to spend it because it’s easier to forget about when it’s not in front of you on a daily basis. Plus, what happens if your phone stops working? I think it’s a good backup option just in case you lose the original, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to go all digital. Then again, I’m holding out on mobile banking at this point too.



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