Does your newspaper deliver all the ads?

Newspapers are shrinking as papers cut back on content, but some subscribers are noticing the ads are shrinking too. Ads are the reason many people get the Sunday paper so they know where they can save money. You may not be saving as much money as you could because your paper may not be delivering all the ads.

Advertisers practice what’s called ad zoning or zone advertising. This is when they target certain zip codes for certain ads. It’s sometimes based on store location or its performance.

The question is — how fair is that since we all pay the same price for a paper? Should every home delivery customer get the same paper with the same money-saving ads?

When a NewsChannel 5 viewer took her case to the stores, she says she was told to pick the ads up at the store or view them online. Why should some customers have to do extra legwork just to find the sale deals?

This also happens with coupons. They are regionally different and sometimes even within a region. They don’t seem as varied, though, as this zone advertising with the circulars. Plus, I think this is slightly different because customers are not getting circulars for stores down the street from their home for reasons beyond their control.

Plus, it’s easy to get coupons online by visiting one or two sites. You don’t need to print off a ton of pages to find the deals like you do if you don’t get the circular. It’s a lot harder to compare prices and find good deals when the 7 or 10 page ad for several stores is missing from your paper.

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2 thoughts on “Does your newspaper deliver all the ads?

  1. Once again, I want to mention that a lot of stores will not accept computer coupons. And yes I want all the coupons I can get from the papers. I paid for them when I purchased the newspaper.


    • Glen – Some stores that have a lot of counterfeiting or just don’t want to deal with it won’t accept the computer coupons. Sometimes, it’s not universal as well. A store in one neighborhood may not accept them and another will. It really depends on location and this goes for local companies and big box stores.


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