Have the next big idea? Walmart wants to hear about it

Have the next big idea but don’t know how to turn the concept into cash? I recently went behind the scenes at an As Seen On TV business for NewsChannel 5, and it is definitely a ruthless business. The good news, there are more avenues than ever before to market and sell your product. Now, the shopping giant Walmart is asking for your ideas.

For As Seen On TV, the product has to solve a problem and empower the consumer to use it. For every 100 products, they might take one product. If that’s not for you, there are other options.

Walmart wants your ideas in a campaign called “Get on the Shelf.” It runs through February 22nd. You need to make a video of any length showcasing your product and upload it to YouTube.

Then, the public will vote on the product they like the most during two rounds of voting this spring.

The Grand prize winner will get to sell the product online and in stores. The two first prize winners will sell their item online and be introduced to the merchandising teams in the store. So, it appears store sales are not guaranteed like they are for the grand prize winner.

Make sure your video is flashy so it will catch the attention of voters.

Even if you’re not one of the lucky three winners, you’ll get your idea out in front of lots of people. Networking is key to landing a gig in any profession, but especially with inventions.

Join an inventors group. I recently met inventor Brian Fried who runs a radio show. He also helps consumers get their products before executives selecting the next big thing. He’s had products turned down by As Seen On TV executives, only to have them do really well on home shopping networks or catalogs. So, don’t give up. Persistence pays off and could help you cash in.


4 thoughts on “Have the next big idea? Walmart wants to hear about it

  1. I have a great idea ! but i don’t have the fund to get it start.I’ am a retired person on a fix income, can someone help me .


  2. I have a million dollar idea that everyone wants. I want a cut in the profits and I’ll tell you what it is. Email me but I need a signed agreement if it makes money that I get a certain cut in the profits for however much it will make.


  3. I have a good idea for Walmart selling their product in a whole different way. I would certainly get involved in “Get on the shelf” campaign, but my product is the Service, so I am not sure if that would work.

    It could change everything!


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