You now have 24 hours to hold or cancel a flight

The airlines are all adjusting differently to the new requirement that taxes and fees be included in the advertised price of a flight. Regardless of the differences, the disclosures are easy to find and it’s much easier to comparison shop.

The price you see includes all the fees. Here’s a look at the ways companies are reacting told through pictures.

Expedia advertises that now it’s easier to find low fares. They’re spinning this as a positive thing, which it is for consumers, even though some airlines are less than pleased about these changes.

Continental Airlines lists a statement at the top that says “Fares listed are for the entire trip per person and include taxes and fees.”

It’s not just ticket prices that are changing, you’ll also see more disclosures about baggage fees and have the opportunity to hold a reservation or cancel it within 24 hours.

24 hold policy
You’ll now get 24 hours to make a decision about a fare. You no longer have to rush into booking something because you are afraid the price may change. You can hold a reservation without a payment or even cancel a fare without penalty for 24 hours after you make the reservation. If I were you, I wouldn’t book. I’d hold the fare and buy later because cancelling the fare may involve calling customer service which may take up a lot of time.  This rule only applies if you book or hold the trip one week or more prior to your flight’s departure.

Baggage fees
Ever wonder how much it’s going to cost to check a bag? Those fees will be disclosed with the fare quote. This disclosure is easy to miss as its worded differently on every site and doesn’t always make reference to baggage fees.

Also, if there is a delay of 30 minutes or more airlines will have to promptly notify passengers. What this actually means remains to be seen. What’s promptly?

The changes are a good step toward disclosure and give consumers more rights when they hit the friendly skies. Just make sure you know your rights and demand they are enforced (like with a delay situation) when you’re flying.

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