Party decorations may cost you more this year, but there are ways to save

This photo shows a helium-inflated blue 11&quo...

This photo shows a helium-inflated blue 11″ latex balloon with multi-colored ribbon tails. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother’s Day, graduation, or your birthday party plans may be burst if you’re expecting to get cheap balloons. There is a world-wide helium shortage that could have you paying more for balloon decorations, but my producer found ways to cut the costs for a NewsChannel 5 story.

Balloons are not exactly a priority when it comes to the helium supply. It’s needed in more important products like MRI’s. The supply for all products across the world comes from 15 different locations. The supply is expected to run out in 2015, although, efforts are underway to open new helium plants.

“If a pipeline goes down, if there’s a problem with production, it puts a glitch in everything. Then you see that, gee we’re going to raise the price or gee there’s a shortage,” said Balloon Crew owner, Sopko-Crolius.

Shop around because some stores have doubled their prices while others have been able to apply just a small surcharge. Book in advance just in case the supply runs low during this busy time of year at your party store. Ask for alternatives. You can get balloons with 60% helium and 40% air if you don’t need the decorations to last that long, and you may save some money.