How much is your mom worth?

Mothers' Day Cake crop

Mothers’ Day Cake crop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Diapers, cleaning, and laundry are just some of the chores a mom deals with when she has kids. The list probably goes on and on. Happy Mother’s Day! So, how much is a mom really worth? A lot more than you may think. If you add up all of Mom’s duties, her salary would be substantial.

According to, stay-at-home moms work 94.7 hours a week. Unreal! The pay for that would be $112,962 or just over $17 an hour. Too bad they’re not bringing home any money, although, most will admit their job is priceless.

Working moms make less than six figures but still work a ton. If they actually got paid, combined with their real salary they’d make big bucks. Their salary is an estimated $66,979 with a workweek of 57.9 hours. That’s on top of their 40 hour week for work that actually pays. bases these numbers on a survey of 8,000 moms. They were asked how much time they spend on common tasks.

So, how much is your mom worth? Check out the Mom Salary Wizard by plugging in your mom’s information and printing out a fake check for her. Let your Mom know this Mother’s Day how important she is to you.