Holiday shopping procrastinators may save more on toys

Courtesy: Toys “R” Us

When to buy your holiday gifts? We have one friend who is done with her Christmas shopping. Others will start and finish it on Black Friday. Could it pay off to push back your shopping? Dealnews analyzed the top toys from last year and their sale prices. The site found procrastination may pay off.

This weekend, the holiday marketing begins. The Great Big Toys “R” Us Book will be released this weekend offering savings from October 28 through November 21st. The book showcases 1,100 playthings, and Toys “R” Us advertises more than $8,000 in savings. So, should you buy now?

The deal site went through records from last year, looking at when the top toys went on sale, to predict buying trends for this year. The big takeaway – forget toy shopping before or on Black Friday. To get the best price, wait until the last minute.

Last year, dealnews said toys hit their lowest prices during the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Air Swimmers dropped 50% in price, Lalaloopsy Silly Hiar dropped 63%, and Let’s Rock Elmo fell 57%.

Waiting may help you save, or it may be the reason you lose out. Inventory dwindles the closer you get to the holiday. Sometimes hot toys simply don’t last.

I’ll never forget the stories my parents told me about the Cabbage Patch Kid I wanted decades ago. They had to go to the back door of Toys “R” Us with a brown bag to get the doll. The brown bag was so they wouldn’t get robbed. We’ve seen this craziness a few times since then on other hot toys. A lot of people question whether the shortage is on purpose, to drive up promotion of the hot toy. There doesn’t seem to be that type of hype or shortage for a product this year, but inventory could still drop the longer you wait. Click here for the Top 15 hottest toys by Toys R Us.

Dealnews wrote, “Deal-hunting is not for the weak! To get the best deals, you’re going to have to sweat a little! This is the price we all pay for getting lowest-ever prices!”

If you don’t want to sweat it, December is usually a safe time to buy your toys for a reasonable price. Wait until mid-December and you may just snag an amazing deal.

Some items, though, simply won’t drop. Dealnews said the LeapFrog LeapPad stayed at $100 all season last year.

So, ignore the sales pitches you’ll hear in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, and on Black Friday. December will be here in about a month. If you wait, you may cash in on savings.

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