Black Friday Creep – what do you think of stores opening at 8 PM Thanksgiving?

Most of the Black Friday ads are out. Some were leaked. This year, some retailers just released them on their own site avoiding the leak mania. Walmart and Target have the full ad on their site. The theme: the stories are opening earlier than ever turning Black Friday into Black Friday Creep or Gray Thursday.

The unofficial start to the holiday season is no longer just a day. Many sales start Monday online with retailers trying to maximize the number of days they can get your attention.

There were online protests last year as stores opened late on Thanksgiving, but obviously those online petitions did little to sway the retailers. This year they are opening four hours before Friday. Many of the big retailers are opening at 8 PM on Thanksgiving. Target at 9 PM and Best Buy at midnight. These early opening times are sparking more heated debate this year, and even a proposed strike by Walmart employees.

The stores say they are opening early to meet demand. 8 PM is a convenient time. It’s a lot easier to shop at that time than getting up at 3 AM to start your shopping. I expect people will shop til they drop which will about 3 AM. The time they were getting up when Black Friday really was Black Friday.

Experts think these trends will continue unless there really is a strike by Walmart. It would take something big to stop the holiday creep.

What do you think of the early start times for holiday shopping? Click comment below.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Creep – what do you think of stores opening at 8 PM Thanksgiving?

  1. If I have a sum of money to spend on Christmas gifts, I will have it until I go shopping. Let employees stay home and be with their families, the greedy stores will get the money anyway. Also Black Friday is just a shopping ploy.


    • I couldn’t agree more Glen. Some of the best deals are NOT on Black Friday. However, I don’t think the Thanksgiving Day sales will go away. Retailers are desperate for your money to keep their doors open. Unless there is a major revolt or strike as Walmart employees are trying to organize, I don’t think it will change next year.


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