Retailer receipts go digital

Stores love to ask for your email address so they can send promotions and coupons. I always say no. I don’t want anymore junk email, but I recently re-considered when a retailer told me they’d send the receipt to my email address. I always lose receipts, and this seemed like a way to solve that problem.

E-receipts are gaining in popularity, and I expect they will begin to change the shopping experience this holiday season. They were used on a limited basis during last holiday season, but this year I think they will become an option at more stores.

Macy’s is still giving out regular receipts and sending you an e-receipt. Ask before you sign up because some retailers are just using e-receipts. I think it’s a great tool for the forgetful or busy shopper. It’s so easy to misplace that piece of paper that’s worth so much money. Some stores won’t return an item without a receipt, so lose that slip of paper and you’re not getting your money back. Probably just a merchandise credit which means you  have to buy more items and probably spend more money at that store.

The email looks just like a receipt and it includes everything I bought. I think e-receipts are a great resource and added protection for shoppers just in case that little piece of paper disappears.