Free shipping for the holiday

Courtesy: FedEx

Courtesy: FedEx

If your shopping isn’t complete, the shipping deadline for holiday items is approaching. As a last push to get you to shop, an estimated 2000 retailers will participate in Free Shipping Day on Monday, December 17.

The Free Shipping team put together a handy list of shipping deadlines by retailer. Some say standard shipping orders placed by December 20th will arrive in time for the holiday. The  majority list earlier dates including December 16th and 17th.

It’s amazing the differences in shipping when you order from different companies. Standard 3-5 day shipping sometimes is much longer because the item doesn’t make it’s way out of handling quickly. The quoted shipping timeframe is just for the item once it hits the Post Office, FedEx, or UPS. That’s why I think the shipping deadlines vary so much, because some retailers know they are great at packaging items and shipping them fast and others are not quick.

Courtesy: FedEx

Courtesy: FedEx

If you don’t want to wait until Monday, many retailers are already offering free shipping. Some require a minimum purchase which is often $25 or $50, while others don’t. Sometimes the discount is automatic, while other times you need a code. Look for promotional codes on Retailmenot for codes to get free shipping.

If you’re shipping your own items, the Post Office says December 20 is the deadline for first class mail. If you are willing to pay extra for Priority service, the deadlines is a day later on December 21. Express Mail will get you another day. If you’re using parcel post, the cheapest of all options, you need to act much sooner. The deadline to ship is today, December 14.

FedEx shipments are a lot easier to figure out because the name of the shipment tells you how long it will take to arrive except for Ground. The deadline for that service is December 17. So, you’ll get a little extra time with the Post Office.

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  1. I can tell you as a retired USPS city letter carrier that Christmas was always hectic with the extra parcels and letter-size mail to be delivered. But, it was also exciting because you knew you were bringing lots of joy to customers on your route. Trudging through the snow and bad weather on foot was never exciting – challenging, definitely! You sure did not have any trouble falling asleep at night! Ahhh, the good old days of carrying the mail!


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