Virtually paint your home for free

virtually paint a room for freePainting is that home project I try to avoid. I’ve painted dozens of rooms, but don’t enjoy it. There’s the time consuming taping, and then the draping to protect your floors. As if that’s not enough, picking out the paint colors can be a daunting task. How it looks in the store is not how it looks in your room. The lighting is key and it’s so hard to tell the true color from just a small swab from the store. It’s dwarfed by the massive space of a room. Trying to imagine how that small little color patch will look with your decorations is the next issue. That’s where online software can help. It takes the guesswork out of painting.


If you don’t know which paint manufacturer you want to use or a color, Colorjive is a good website to start your search. Colorjive allows you to “Paint a house with a click of a mouse.” You upload a photo and see how the room will look with different paint colors. There is a slight catch with this website that’s basically a database of paint colors and products. It costs $12 a month for unlimited access. There is a 30 day free trial, though, and the site claims there is no long term commitment.

If you try it out, remember to cancel before 30 days expires if you really want just the free trial.

When you find a color you like, you can get the code and take that into the store to get it filled. The program allows you to choose between Sherwin Williams, Glidden and Benjamin Moore.

If you know the brand you want to use, you can search for paint colors that match your room with no strings attached. Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore offer free virtual paint software.

Sherwin Williams Color Snap visualizerSherwin-Williams Color Snap Visualizer tool allows you to upload a picture and try different colors. It’s free! 

Benjamin Moore offers the Personal Color Viewer. With Benjamin Moore, the walls change colors for you when you select a shade. That’s a nice tool because you can browse through colors faster. In the other programs, you have to highlight the area you want to virtually paint. Although that can be handy if you want different colored walls.

Behr also has a free tool.

To save money, shop around for the best prices. While brand loyalty is a good thing, even if you find a color you like on Sherwin-Williams, you can take that paint color virtually anywhere. Most stores can make the paint color for other brands. They just need the chip or code.


Play around with it. It’s a great starting point for any paint project. Virtual paint can also save you money. Have you ever painted a wall, and been disappointed by how the paint looks in your room? It’s happened to me. I wanted a blue room. Not baby blue. That nice New England blue color to remind me of the water and ocean. Every blue I put on the wall looked like a baby boy’s room. I finally ditched the idea of painting the room blue ditching the paint I already bought too.

Even when you decide on a paint color, it’s still a good idea to look at it in your room with that particular lighting. You can buy a cannister of small paint for $4-5. They are pricey for the amount of paint you get, but it’s a lot cheaper than a gallon of paint that you don’t like. The small cannisters are usually limited to specific paint colors. So, you may not find an option for the paint you like.

It’s still only a tool, as it ultimately comes down to lighting. The lighting on a computer screen are a little different than your walls under natural light. It’s one step you should consider before your next painting project. It’s free!

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    • Thanks for the comment. Hope your painting went well with these tools that make it easier to pick a color. The worst part about painting is taping. I have no patience for that. I’ll try to post about a woman’s job next…lol


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