Fashion trend: rent a dress for a wedding or event

little borrowed dressHow many times have you gone shopping when you had an event or wedding to attend? The damage is often $75-100+ just for that one event. You might wear that dress a few more times, but not too much fearing someone will see you in the same dress at a future event. For men who are shaking their heads, let me introduce you to how women think. Next time they want to spend money for a new outfit, how about suggesting that they rent? It’s been a trend for men for quite some time with tuxedo rentals, and now it’s hitting women’s fashion.

I considered renting bridesmaid dresses for my wedding, but I was running out of time so I decided against it. If you have time, it may be a money-saving option to try. The site, Little Borrowed Dress, rents and sells bridesmaid dresses for $50-75. There are just a few styles to choose from, but dozens of colors. The styles are designed to fit and flatter a variety of shapes and sizes without alternations.

If you are nervous about the sizing, you can visit the showroom in New York City. For all the other bridesmaids who don’t live in NYC, a second rental is sent for free with every dress just in case the first one doesn’t fit.

I think it’s still a little risky if you don’t always wear the same sized dress.  The dresses are shipped two weeks before the wedding which is very last minute if the dresses don’t fit. The company promises to make it right if the dresses don’t fit, but as a bride that’s one element of surprise I don’t need. I was already worried with dresses that I knew were sized for the women. 

Rent the Runway is another option if you’re in the market for an evening gown. My friend used this site, and loved her dress. She had some problems with sizing, but got the company to overnight her a new dress just in time for the big event. It was a little  nerve wracking as it was down to the wire, but she got the dress of her dreams.

Finally, consider shopping a friend’s closet. Chances are you can find a new outfit for free for your next event.

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2 thoughts on “Fashion trend: rent a dress for a wedding or event

  1. Very true Jenn my wife always buys something new for special events etc.However she will hardly ever use them again just in case someone has seen her in that same outfit. The result being thousands of unused dresses taking up room leaving me nothing but enough space to hang a tie. Will suggest this, however it might receive a frosty reception. If i don’t post for a while you will know why.


    • I don’t like to shop, and I hate wasting money so I have been known to re-wear outfits. Renting is enticing, but I haven’t done it yet. Let me know if you’re in the doghouse. Valentine’s Day is coming up so you can get back in her good graces again.


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