Bio – About Jenn

jenn photoI’ve been fighting for consumers for 16 years. I started out behind the scenes, and have worked my way in front of the camera. My stories have exposed fraud, shut down businesses, sent people to prison, forced car manufacturers to fix 5 million melting dashboards, led to class action lawsuits, and legal action from Attorneys General.

My efforts have saved consumers countless amounts of money. One driver won more than a million dollars in a lawsuit that focused on a ripoff at Chad Franklin Suzuki.

For years, drivers in South Florida dealt with melting dashboards. When I stepped in, my continuing investigations prompted the car manufacturers to take action. Five million drivers are now getting a free dashboards. The repairs cost on average between $1500 and $7000. In Lexus, vehicles, even door panels are replaced as they are melting too.

A real estate deal that I exposed sent a man to prison. The State Attorney filed charges after we exposed the trail of lost money, and a jury convicted him.

While you’ve seen me on TV for more than a decade, it’s now time to focus on my young daughter and focus my storytelling online. I’m excited for the new opportunities and expanding this blog to better serve you. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

As a new mom, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and insights on the best products for new parents, money saving sites, and sharing my life figuring out my biggest challenge yet — parenthood.


I’ve won three Emmys, and three regional Edward R. Murrow awards for my investigations. I’ve also received numerous Emmy nominations. My stories have been recognized by the Ohio Associated Press, Kansas Association of Broadcasters, and twice by the Indiana SPJ.

My career began behind the scenes at ESPN, and a highlight included covering the Women’s World Cup in 1999.

I like to fight for what’s right in the community and support organizations. I’ve been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters for over six years. I also work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Let me know how I can help you be a smarter consumer, and send me your consumer tips. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or send me a comment below.

One thought on “Bio – About Jenn

  1. Jenn:

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    We’d love to speak with you as we have with many reporters who are look at the reports and realizing some big things about their property based on the data provided and the data that’s not provided. Holly is an expert in this business and would be someone I know you’d really enjoy speak with.

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