I caught this worker taking a snooze during my recent travels, but if you take a snooze when booking a ticket you could pay more than you need to.

We’re hearing all about the mergers and the concern about ticket prices, but there’s also

shuffling going on behind the scenes that also impact the price you pay.

Most airlines belong to alliances. Southwest, up until this point, has sort of been on its own island. Now that it has plans to acquire Air Tran, it’s expected that Southwest will partner with more airlines as it works to show dominance. It will now have international flights, and perhaps may partner with other airlines to expand in this arena.

United B777-222ER in SFO

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Airline partnerships and sharing are common in the industry. It’s becoming a bit confusing when you’re booking a fare. Your ticket may say Continental but you might actually be flying on a United plane. This is called codesharing when airlines share seats on one plane but sell the seat with a different flight number and sometimes for a different price.

I found it can impact the price you pay for a ticket, the seats you can book, and your frequent flier miles. Click here to see the story on NewsChannel 5 so you know what to look for the next time you book a flight.

Pay attention to which airline you’re really flying. Some search engines make it obvious immediately when they give you search results. Others don’t tell you until you select a leg of the flight. Even at that point, you may still see a United logo and United flight number only to see the itinerary details show that the plane is operated by Continental with a different flight number.