UPDATED 2/21/2017 When most people book a flight, they search and search for the cheapest fare. Once you book that flight, are you applying the same research tools to save money on airport parking? 

Saving money on airport parking

Even if you park your car in the economy lot, you’ll pay $50-100 for airport parking during a week-long trip.

We drove to Pittsburgh for our wedding and honeymoon because Cleveland flights are simply astronomical. We saved $600 just on our return trip by flying out of Pittsburgh rather than Cleveland, but our return flight didn’t arrive until almost midnight. We didn’t want to drive home at that hour, and we were going to be gone for sixteen days. With a hotel and parking, it doesn’t take long for the expenses to eat away at your savings.

Sixteen days of parking at the airport would cost $128.

Many airport hotels offer great discounts on parking and hotels. They’re called a Park, Sleep, Fly package and can save you big bucks. There’s an entire Park, Sleep, Fly website that helps you find the deals. We paid $128 with taxes for 16 days parking, a night’s stay, breakfast, and shuttle to/from the airport. You can’t beat that.

I highly suggest this option if you can’t find a good deal for a hotel room on Priceline. When I say good deal, I mean $50-75. I never pay more than that in a big city for any hotel room. Call around and you might be able to save even more by doing a price comparison of hotels.

If you don’t want to sleep, call some of these hotels that offer packages. They may charge you a reduced or flat fee to just park your car for the duration of your trip. At last check, there are some airport hotels in the Cleveland area that offer reduced parking rates. Plus, they’ll transport you to the airport. Just check, because sometimes these shuttles run only once an hour.

Just like you shop around for that airfare, do the same for parking whether you are travel for the holidays or a vacation any time of year.