When you’re having a baby, you realize you have nothing in your house to meet your child’s needs. The 7 must-have baby items you probably don’t have on your registry, that you really need.

Baby products you need on your registry

I spent a lot of time making a baby registry. First, I chose which stores had the best baby registry program, and then researched products. I came up with a list of 7 must have baby products, but still forgot to put these products on our baby registry.

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Price Chart
$ –     0 – $20

$$ –   21-$50

$$$ – 50-$75


Rechargeable batteries

You go through a lot of batteries when you have a baby. Books, toys, and teddy bears all talk or sing. If the product is a favorite, you will replace the batteries every few weeks.

You probably haven’t bought batteries in bulk in awhile, but let me just tell you they are expensive. It costs $10 to replace the batteries in some products, because they don’t just take one or two. You usually need three or four.

Stock up on rechargeable batteries. It’s an investment, but well worth it. You make your money back quickly.

Registering for this item takes a little research. Look at the other products you registered for, and figure out what batteries they take. This will help you register for the right battery charger. They make chargers that can power more than one type of battery at a time.

If you are the one buying the rechargeable batteries, stock up during the holidays. You will find coupons and rebates. Don’t forget you need the rechargeable batteries and the recharging unit. The units can charge more than one type of battery, but it’s usually specific to two battery types.

Don’t forget to recycle all batteries. You may also want to buy some button batteries. Lots of singing books take these small disc batteries. However, keep them out of reach because they are dangerous to children.

Price: $$ for the batteries and charging unit

TWO diaper organizers

If you don’t have a diaper organizer on your registry, add one. They make diaper changes easier.

You have lotion, diaper rash cream, wipes, nail scissors, and diapers that you need to organize. A diaper organizer allows all your tools to have a place. Plus, they are easy to grab with one hand when you need them.

While it’s important to have a diaper organizer on the changing table, you also need one in your favorite spot in the house. That way you don’t have to run to the baby’s room every time you need to change a diaper.

Price: $$


Cool mist Humidifier

This isn’t a must-have, but you’ll eventually need it. The first time your child gets sick, you’ll want the cool mist humidifier. Buy a cool one, because the warm mist humidifiers pose a danger to small children.

We like the Crane cool mist humidifier. It’s easy to clean.

The only drawback is the baby loves to take off the top and play with it. The cone shape does make it appear like a toy to babies. The top part of the cone is easy to remove.

Price: $$


7 baby products you don't need

Baby nail scissors

You probably have baby nail clippers on your registry. Get rid of them, and buy baby scissors.

It is so difficult to cut a baby’s finger nail. Even if you push back the skin, inevitably you will cut them. Those cuts bleed like crazy! It’s scary for the baby, and for you. The worry isn’t over once the bleeding stops. Then you have to worry about an infection. While rare and perhaps overly dramatic, the scabs puss. Talk about mom guilt.

The scissors are amazing. They are dull, but sharp enough to avoid cutting the child. They make nail trimming a lot easier.

Price: $

Pacifier clips

I stumbled upon pacifier clips far too late into my daughter’s life. I found them while trying to solve the problem of a dropped pacifier on an airplane. Talk about gross! For more on keeping your baby calm on the airplane, read these 10 baby tricks for flights. They work for a baby’s first flight and beyond.

I wish I had a pacifier clip when my daughter was born. They have a small clip, and a long piece of material with a loop that attaches to the pacifier. They work best with the small pacifiers. If your child likes the big WubbaNub Pacifier, which I recommend, the clip may not help much.

Price: $

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Crib rail covers / bumpers but not the bumpers you think

You can wait on these, but you’ll want to keep them on your radar. Crib rail covers go over the crib top rail and the bottom slats. They’re helpful when your child starts standing and biting on the crib rail. Instead, they bite the cushion. That’s a lot safer than eating paint and the crib material.

We used the Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers. These are not to be confused with bumpers that line the inside or outside of the crib. Those are dangerous, even though they are still displayed in showrooms and I know many moms who used them.

The Wonder Bumper is different, and should only be used once your child is moving around in the crib. As the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns, bare is best especially at the beginning.

The Wonder Bumpers zip onto the individual slat, so there is room between the slats. You can buy enough for the whole crib, but you’ll pay a fair amount. I suggest buying 4-6 and just putting them in the places where you know your baby bumps his or her head a lot, and of course on the top of the crib where they tend to bite. This is called the Go Mama Go Teething Guard. They come in all sorts of colors.

I also use them on the side rails because my daughter banged her head against the side slats.

Price: $$ to $$$ if you buy bumpers for the whole crib

Bumper safety warning

These are called bumpers, but they are not to be confused with ordinary cloth crib bumpers. Child safety experts, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission, agree these are dangerous and should not be used in cribs. You will see them in displays at stores, but you should skip them in your crib. Children suffocate with crib bumpers.

There are mesh crib bumpers on the market that allow more breathability than their cloth counterparts. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission does not recommend any bumpers.  The safety group and American Academy of Pediatrics says bare is best.

We definitely followed the bare is best method for a long time! Eventually, we introduced the bumpers as we have a rambunctious child. While they say the risk of injury is greater with the bumpers, for us it gave us piece of mind knowing when she hit her head on the crib it was cushioned. By the time we added the bumpers, she could easily roll over and move around.

We also did not keep the bumpers in the crib very long. Just as long as we felt we needed.

I share my personal experience and the safety advocates advise so you can make your own decision. Only buy what you feel comfortable with for your child. You can read more about crib safety here.

On to a less controversial baby product!

 Nose saline solution

Your child is going to get sick. There is no way around it. Our daughter constantly has a runny nose. While the NoseFrida helps clear the baby’s nose, and is on my must have baby product listsaline makes the nose suction work better. Kids hate it, but it works!

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