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Rebate red tape: Checks replaced with prepaid rebate cards

On November 8, 2016

Companies are replacing rebate and refund checks with prepaid cards, and they’re not always easy to cash in for your cash.

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Stop Judging Parents Who Use Infant Self Rescue Swim Technique

On May 12, 2016

An infant sitting on a pool step in a bright yellow swimsuit falls forward and grabs a shoe that is intentionally placed in front of her. The Infant Self Rescue controversy. Is it a good safety lesson or too shocking for a baby?

Consumer Trends / Recalls

Costco Alerts Shoppers To Food Recalls

On May 7, 2016

Ever wonder if you bought an item that’s on a recall list? Some stores are taking the guesswork out of it and alerting you.

Consumer Trends

Too late to give J.C. Penney a second chance?

On April 2, 2013

When was the last time you visited the J.C. Penney Company? I couldn’t even remember the last time until I stumbled in recently for my own research purposes. The department store has topped the headlines recently for its changes and lackluster performance.  If you’re like me and thought the store didn’t sell clothing you’d like, I encourage you to think…

Consumer Trends

Are your friends and relatives ready for electronic federal benefits?

On February 12, 2013

The federal government is going high-tech and paying benefits electronically like Social Security. All federal benefits and non-tax payments will be directly deposited into your account starting March 1 since electronic checks are safer, easier, and more reliable than paper checks. This will be a big switch for Ohio residents, as the state has the 5th largest number of people…

Consumer Trends / Tech

Stores Closing: Here’s Why Stores Can’t Keep Their Doors Open

On January 21, 2013

UPDATED 4/26/17 More and more retailers are closing their doors. There are many reasons stores can’t keep their doors open. As a mom, there’s only way I’ll shop in store rather than online. 

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Are sales a thing of the past?

On January 10, 2013

What drove you to choose the stores you did for holiday shopping? Did sales or promotions influence your decision to shop at a particular store? Sales drive a lot of sales, but some analysts are predicting sales may become a thing of the past. The website, Coupons in the News, had access to an industry report from retail consultant AMG…

Consumer Trends / Saving money

Why Spare Tire Is Missing In New Cars

On September 24, 2012

You buy a new car for the latest and greatest technology. What you may not expect, some old technology is missing. For example, new cars don’t come with a spare tire. Plus, the oil change may cost you more money.

Consumer Trends / Saving money

Buyer Beware: Store Closing Sales Deal Or Dud?

On February 17, 2012

UPDATED 4/26/2017 Store closing sales should be a bargain hunters paradise. Signs like “Nothing held back” draw in customers who expect the advertised savings. However, are those store closing sales really a deal? Check out this price comparison.

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Recall system leaves dangerous cars on the road

On July 1, 2011

UPDATED: 1/24/2017 Dangerous cars driving on our roads. Recalled cars don’t get fixed by drivers even though they should. How to find out if your car has a recalled part.