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Car Rental Companies Charges High Fees For PlatePass & Other Toll Road Billing Services

On April 1, 2017

Spring break! The time of year northerners travel south. Florida is a hot spot for vacations, but also ripoffs. Car rental companies are charging tourists high fees to drive the rental car through an automated toll booth. If you don’t ask the right questions at the rental car counter, you could pay a big high car rental toll road fees.

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5 Rental Car Extra Fees: Which Car Rental Upgrades Should You Avoid

On March 31, 2017

The 5 rental car extra fees you should expect, and which ones you should think about if you’re traveling with a family.

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How To Save 30-60% On Your Next Vacation

On March 7, 2017

Dreaming of your next vacation, but don’t want to go over budget? There are easy steps you can take to save 30-60% on your next vacation.

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Vacation Rental: Find Good Deals Without Getting Ripped Off

On January 30, 2017

Vacation rentals are great for families who need more space than a hotel room provides. However, it’s easier to get ripped off with a vacation rental than a hotel. Here are 3 ways to avoid a vacation rental ripoff.

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5 Second Trick To Help Lost Baggage Claim With Airline

On January 19, 2017

Airlines are charging more for checked bags, but losing fewer. Travelers still need to prepare for a lost baggage claim. The five-second step you need to take before you leave home for the airport.


Airlines issue U.S. travel waivers for Florida & some Carolina cities

On October 4, 2016

Expect long lines at airports in advance of Hurricane Matthew. A breakdown of all the rules if you want to re-book your flight. Why it may pay to wait. #hurricanematthew

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Delta cancelling more flights and offering $200 travel vouchers after system outage

On August 9, 2016

Delta Air Lines is still delaying flights days after a power outage took down its computer system worldwide.

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Vacation with an infant: our first hotel stay

On June 7, 2016

As a new mom, vacations are a lot different. We’re learning as we go. Parenting 101 — our first overnight hotel stay.


JetBlue reminds us it should be Mother’s Day every day on a flight

On May 3, 2016

JetBlue nailed it with its recent campaign to address crying babies on planes. I already have anxiety thinking about flying with my six month old. We had anxiety staying overnight in a hotel with our daughter; never mind flying.

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Should You Take Rental Car’s Pre-Pay Gas?

On August 26, 2013

When you rent a car, you’re bombarded with questions from vehicle upgrades to gas. With gas, there are all sorts of options.¬†