Hotels Selling Items In The Room: $25 For An Alarm Clock?

On August 5, 2013

I don’t like to pay full price for hotels, and gladly share my tricks for saving. You can bet I won’t be spending my money on mundane products hotels sell. Just another useless hotel charge they want to add to our bills.

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Saving money on vacation: ask for a “life” discount

On July 25, 2013

Booking a hotel for a vacation or just one night is never an easy task in my house. I like to save, and don’t like to pay full price. I scour websites for the best prices and dates to travel (if my dates are flexible). Sometimes, you just can’t find a deal especially if it’s a vacation hot spot. Before…

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Park, Sleep, & Fly Saves Money On Airport Parking

On November 15, 2012

UPDATED 2/21/2017 When most people book a flight, they search and search for the cheapest fare. Once you book that flight, are you applying the same research tools to save money on airport parking? 

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Honeymoon in St. Lucia On A Budget

On October 24, 2012

After the stress of planning and having a wedding, the honeymoon is the reward. It’s an amazing time to connect with your partner. There are easy steps you can take to plan a picture perfect honeymoon on a budget.


Jet Blue giving free flights out of the country if your Presidential candidate loses the election

On October 5, 2012

The election is a month away and voting is already a circus. JetBlue is jumping into the action and offering free flights to more than a thousand voters whose candidate doesn’t win. (It’s advertising 2012 seats, but it’s 1006 roundtrip flights).


Rental car companies will stop renting recalled cars

On September 28, 2012

Renting a car just got a little safer thanks to an agreement with the top four rental car companies. Enterprise/National/Alamo, Hertz/Advantage, Avis/Budget, and Dollar/Thrift agreed to keep recalled cars off the road and agreed to support a bill to make this a law. The Senate bill would require all recalled vehicles to be taken out of circulation as soon as…


How To Save On Airfare

On September 27, 2012

Airfares always seem to go up, but there are ways to save mony on airfare.


TSA Pre-Check Allows You To Skip Security

On February 8, 2012

Tired of long security lines and the hassle of taking off your shoes, belt, and jacket? If you’re a frequent flier you may be able to avoid the lines and hassle at some airports.


Comparison Shopping For Airline Tickets: New Rules Impact Flights

On January 24, 2012

Trying to figure out the real price of an airfare can be a frustrating process, but it’s about to get easier.


Continental-United frequent flier program merger updates

On January 11, 2012

If you travel, you’ve probably noticed the changes at the Continental ticket counter as they merge with United. Some airports are adopting the new “United” name earlier than others. One thing is clear — this merger is supposed to be seamless to the consumer but it can get downright confusing. On the upside, you can merge your miles so you…